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Israel News for 4-25-2022

News Update

A rocket fired from southern Lebanon landed in an open area in the western Galilee last night. IDF Spokesperson Ran Kochav said that no group has claimed responsibility for the rocket launch but estimated that a Palestinian faction operating in southern Lebanon was behind the fire that was a show of solidarity with the protests at the Al Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem. He also said that there are hundreds of Hamas operatives in southern Lebanon. The IDF responded to the rocket with artillery fire towards the location of the launch early today.

On Friday, 2 rockets were fired into southern Israel from Gaza. One of them landed in a field in Israel but the other fell short and landed and exploded in Gaza, near a UN operated school. On Wednesday, terrorists launched a rocket that crashed in the southern city of Sderot, causing damage to a residential home and several cars. In response, the IDF struck that night what it called “an underground complex in Gaza used to produce rocket engines” which will “significantly impede rocket manufacturing capabilities in Gaza”. Several Hamas air defense positions were also destroyed in an attack. Israel has closed off the border crossing with Gaza. Defense Minister Benny Gantz said that “Israel will continue to show civil and economic generosity, only if stability and security are maintained.”

The Supreme Court yesterday rejected a request to reopen an investigation into the deaths of four Palestinian children who were killed by an Israeli airstrike while playing on the beach in Gaza during the 2014 war. The court upheld earlier decisions by Israeli military investigators and legal authorities determining that the incident was a tragic mistake.

Security forces arrested 12 terror suspects in several West Bank locations in operations over the weekend.

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