Here are just some of the amazing testimonials we’ve received from our readers.


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“IsraelAM has just the right balance of news, brief commentary, and wit.”

Rabbi A. Schwartz, Congregation Ohab Zedek, NYC 

“I look forward every morning, first thing, to reading your informative, and written on a light note, newsletter, which encapsulates the latest goings on and news from Israel, the Homeland of the Jewish People. I find it informative and it allows me to keep in touch without turning the many pages of a newspaper searching to find a nugget about Israel. You are truly “value-added” and I love your format. Thank you.”

Paul Altura – President, Volunteers for Israel – Los Angeles, CA

“I am an avid reader of IsraelAM. Their informative emails give me timely information on what is going on in Israel. I appreciate that their news updates are short and to the point.”

Rabbi Gideon Shloush – Congregation Adereth El, NYC

“IsraelAM is like theSkimm for curated news and links about Israel. The daily annotated email keeps me informed about the big issues I’m following, the smaller news items I would have missed, and makes sure I’m keyed into the breaking stories we’ll be talking about for a while. Plus, it’s an easy and friendly read!”

Melanie Notkin – Bestselling author and founder of – NYC

“I’ve been reading Israel AM since it’s inception and I couldn’t he more satisfied. I love the bite size news summaries on a wide scope of events, news and trends happening in Israel. It would take me 30 minutes scrolling through various news outlets to get what I can with Israel AM in five minutes. They also find a way to make the news both entertaining and funny when appropriate yet compelling and serious when it needs to be. Subscribe now! ”

Azi Cutter – NYC

“You guys are AWESOME! Your choice of articles is always right on. You present things with logical clarity, and your subtle humor is appreciated. You also weave in beautiful Torah concepts with great links. Your update allows me to keep up with the important issues in Israel without me wasting tons of time on all the biased news outlets. So, thank you!!! Yasher Koach and keep up the good work.

Rabbi Garfinkel – Project 613- Director – Chicago

“Your emails are what I’ve have wanted for many years. A dedicated site for getting that latest Israel news untarnished by populist journalism but with a healthy amount of cynicism. Yeyasher kochachem and H’ should help you continue to provide this special and unique service.”

Rabbi Yerachmiel Isacowitz – Sydney, Australia

“I’m a journalist and I spend a lot of time scanning news. I appreciate IsraelAM for its brevity and for the kinds of stories chosen. I also enjoy the editorial comments when the writers add them to the stories.”

Rivkah Lambert Adler – Ma’ale Adumim, Israel

“I literally wake up in the morning and israel am is the first thing I check!!!! It’s well written, balanced and keeps me informed and connected to Israel.”

Jill Wildes – NYC

“You guys make my job easy. The writing is fantastic. The font and layout are easy on my eyes. I have seen some really hard to read newsletters from seasoned people. You guys are a shining light in my inbox. And I love that it doesn’t seem too politicized. You show the news in a fair and respectable way. I am really grateful. You’re the first source I read. I like that there is a direct link to the article you site right under the writing. Thanks for really choosing the good stuff. Your amazing! High quality!”

Shaily H.


“IsraelAM is a huge blessing for us helping us with keep up with what is happening in Israel and with those we have come to love. Thank you for your hard work!”

Pastor Rick – Calvary Chapel of Wisconsin Rapids

“I just signed up and read the first issue: excellent! As a new Hillel Director and new to my relationship with Israel, I greatly appreciate and synthesized recap of all the news to know about Israel each day. It will make me better at my job and a more effective advocate for Israel. Thanks again!”

Marc — Hillel Milwaukee

“I have deep admiration for your work and  mission. Thank you for reaching out to us…”

Lisa B. Pollack, Esq. – Executive Director, Hunter College Hillel

“I currently live in Berlin, Germany. And I read israelAM because i want to know what is really going on in Israel. The press here is not trustworthy anymore.”

Saskia – Berlin, Germany

“Just want to congratulate you on producing a wonderful email everyday. It is very informative and up to date. I have referred numerous friends and families to subscribe.Thanks so much for a wonderful contribution for Israeli public relations.”

Rose Baskind

“I am a subscriber and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy, even when the news is not happy, reading your email every day. Please keep up the good work.”

Mrs. King – Baltimore, MD

I really like reading Israel AM with a short and simplify format. In that way I receive news from Israel, the land of my great-great parents. Thank you.”

Juan Peralta

“This is great! You all do great work.”

Alex – Colorado Hillel

“I’m enjoying your 5 minutes of news of Israel everyday. Keep up the good work. It’s exactly what I’d been looking for. Todah.”

Jodi in Minneapolis

“Interesting news one may not see elsewhere, often presented in a thought-provoking manner. The comments are frequently right on. I look forward to receiving these emails. Keep up the good work!”

Dov Mintz

“A friend of mine in Israel suggested your newsletter. This is my favorite of all the newsletters, newspapers, etc. As a dual citizen, I appreciate getting accurate, timely and unbiased news. I have already shared this both on Facebook and by email. Keep up the good work.”


“Great to wake up and read the Israeli news. It is well written and captures the essential happenings in Israel. Don’t really have the time to get news from other sources . I have recommended this site to many people.”

Shelly W. – NJ

“So much of what happens in Israel isn’t reported by US agencies, and if it is, there is often an anti-Israel slant. This gives news, both good and bad, without any specific agenda.”


“Well chosen, well written. I often share it.”

Allen K. 

“I like your email as it features the items which interest me and is the right length. I also like the humorous (almost English) asides you sometimes give-but of course you have to be careful. Also it scrolls easily.”

Stephen S. – UK

“I really appreciate the clear, basic briefs you deliver without ads, thank you so much, it is hard to keep aware from so far away what is happening there, so we may pray.”


“I love this! Quick and easy and keeps me in the know during my busy college schedule.”


“I am enjoying your israelAM email, I think it is very well done.”

Jaques R.

“I think this is great. Newsletters are great when they help you- as in put all the info you would need to know in one place. I think what made theSkimm so successful was their catchy copy/tone and it seems like you’re doing that too.”

Lindsey K. – NYC

“I just wanted to let you know I love Israel AM. It has become part of my morning routine.”

Sybill B. – NYC


Chris Neilsen

“I am a frum teacher in Public school. I love reading your news article every day. I especially like your personal comments at the end. Keep it up. Hatzlacha rabba. ”

Tzippy Rosengarten – Brooklyn, NY

“I absolutely enjoy reading daily e-mails from Israel and staying up to date about Israel’s affairs. I am not an Israelite myself but my Lord and Savior is, and the Lord loves Israel and the Israelites with all his heart and so do we Christians. Please continue to keep us all updated about Israel and its affairs. May the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob(Israel) keep on blessing the beautiful land of Israel.”

Linda I. Juarez – Avon, NY

“This is a quick and concise way to stay abreast with the latest news from Israel. Each day I feel more informed after receiving the email. Thank you!”

Rebecca – San Francisco, CA

“I honestly am not sure how I got signed up for this email, but I really do enjoy reading it everyday! I like being up to date on what’s going on in Israel, and this is an easy-to-read summarized email.”

Rebecca – Teaneck, NJ

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the choice of topics, the clarity and humor in writing about them, the thoroughness balanced by brevity, the timeliness.  I do not find this information anywhere else, never mind consolidated in this excellent format.”

Eleanor Selling – NYC

“I enjoy your news update, thank you”

Sylvia van der Voort – South Africa

“A great, one-of-a-kind resource to stay updated on what’s going on in israel. There’s really nothing like it! Thank you israelAM!”

Jacob – Brooklyn, NY

“Let me please say that without your news worthy information, I do not know if I could have the needed information on what is going on in Israel!!  That is the most important thing for me!  I do not have anyone over there that I could call, if you did not print the information about what is going on in Israel, I would be in the dark about what is going on in the country the I love!”

Ramona L. – Odessa, Florida

“I am a staunch supporter of Israel and enjoy the capsule summary of daily news this email provides. Thank you.”

Clive Wang – Indio California

“I look forward each morning to read the IsraelAM E-Mail.  It allows me to follow what is curently taking place in Israel and fortifies my connection with Israel.”

Arthur Degen – NYC

“Love these emails.  I read them daily.”

Jonathan Vogel – Teaneck, NJ

“I really enjoy getting the latest news on Israel and Jerusalem through email.The issues and journalism are excellent and informative.Now is the time to keep Israel in focus and I thank you for making that possible each day! Shalom and blessings”

Carol Asher – Baton Rouge, LA