Prayers at the Western Wall

For nearly 2,000 years, since the destruction of the Second Temple in 70CE, the Western Wall has served as the primary gathering place for Jews and believers of all faiths to pour out their hearts in prayer to the Almighty.

While God listens to our prayers wherever we are, we turn our faces towards the Temple Mount in Jerusalem where our Holy Temple once stood, and will one day soon stand again.

Therefore, it is considered efficacious to pray at the Western Wall. It is also customary to insert a written note with your prayer into the crevices of the Western Wall’s stones.

To have us include the name of your loved one in our prayer for healing at the Western Wall, please complete the donation form to the right (or below). The entire list of names will also be inserted into the Western Wall.

To have us insert your own prayer note into the Western Wall, click here.