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Israel News for 11-18-2019

News Update With only three days left for Blue and White leader Benny Gantz to form a government before he must return his mandate to the president, President Rivlin scolded both Gantz and PM Netanyahu saying, “I believe a government could still be formed. The disagreements are more personal, rather than logical, political or for […]

Israel News for 11-14-2019

News Update A ceasefire went into effect this morning between Israel and Islamic Jihad. Since Tuesday, at least 25 terrorists were killed by the IDF as they tried to launch missiles and anti-tank rockets towards Israel. In total, 450 rockets were fired at Israel since Tuesday morning. Around 90% of those heading towards population centers […]

Israel News for 11-13-2019

News Update The IDF positioned artillery batteries around the Gaza border Wednesday in anticipation of an escalation of hostilities. An IDF infantry battalion was also dispatched to the area overnight along with an infantry battalion from the Golani Brigade. The IDF said that its airstrikes had targeted Islamic Jihad’s production of long-range rockets and warheads […]

Israel News for 11-12-2019

News Update An IDF airstrike in Gaza killed Islamic Jihad senior commander Bahaa Abu al-Atta early this morning, in the first targeted killing of terrorist leaders since 2014. PM Netanyahu said that Abu al-Atta was planning imminent attacks against Israel. Blue and White leader Benny Gantz tweeted his support of the killing, and said that […]

Israel News for 11-11-2019

News Update Naftali Bennett, leader of the New Right party, was appointed Defense Minister yesterday. The position had been held by PM Netanyahu. The appointment is seen as a move by the PM to keep Bennet’s party firmly in the Likud block and out of a potential government formed by Blue and White. Likud and […]

Israel News for 11-7-2019

News Update Democratic congressman from Michigan Andy Levin (who is Jewish), on a tour of the West Bank earlier this week, said he was enraged by the situation in Susya, where Palestinian villagers are denied water access, while Jewish settlers nearby are granted government-supplied amenities. Israel has several times in the past demolished Palestinian buildings […]

Israel News for 11-5-2019

News Update Israel’s Supreme Court upheld the ruling of a lower court that allowed the government to not renew the working visa of Omar Shakir, the local director of Human Rights Watch. The government claims that Shakir is supporting the international BDS movement, which promotes boycotting Israel. An Israeli law from 2017 bars entry to […]

Israel News for 11-1-2019

News Update The Israeli Air Force will host a massive international exercise called “Blue Flag”, from Sunday to Thursday. The exercise will be hosted at the Ovda air base in southern Israel and will include over 1,000 air crews and personnel from Israel, Germany, Italy, Greece and the US. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will soon […]

Israel News for 10-30-2019

News Update A terror attempt was foiled today when a female terrorist was neutralized when she tried to stab Border Police officers at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron. A preliminary investigation into the incident revealed the attack was pre-planned and the woman managed to make it through several checkpoints at the heavily guarded […]

Israel News for 10-28-2019

News Update J Street, the left-wing Jewish Middle East policy group, is calling on Democratic presidential candidates to make U.S. aid to Israel conditional. Jeremy Ben-Ami, the group’s president, called on candidates to reverse Trump administration policies that have favored Israel over the Palestinian Authority and announced that the organization’s student wing, J Street U, launched […]