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Israel News for 7-17-2019

Gaza Workers Israeli officials are discussing the possibility of allowing 5,000 workers from Gaza to work in Israeli border communities. One security official in favor of the plan said, “It’s cheaper than paying Thai workers. They won’t have to sleep inside Israel, and most importantly, they’ll have something to lose, they won’t go off and […]

Israel News for 7-15-2019

Education Minister In a televised interview over the weekend, Education Minister Rafi Peretz said that he supports conversation therapy for homosexuals and that he has referred people to it. His words unleashed a flood of criticism. Hundreds of protestors demonstrated in Tel Aviv yesterday, calling for his dismissal. PM Netanyahu tweeted that Peretz’s statements are […]

Israel News for 7-10-2019

Hamas Training Hamas yesterday held a massive military exercise throughout Gaza. All land crossings were closed and fishermen were banned going out to sea. [I wonder what they’re training for…hmm.] For further reading click here. Tunnel Found The IDF has discovered a tunnel in southern Israel, originating in Gaza. The tunnel was found in an […]

Israel News for 7-8-2019

Drone Downed The IDF said it shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle launched from Gaza, in southern Israel. There was no comment from Gaza. Hamas leaders are known to have developed a drone program with Iranian help. The drones are typically used for reconnaissance along the Israeli-Gaza border and it’s unclear if they have potential […]

Israel News for 7-3-2019

Ethiopian Crisis On Sunday an off duty police officer shot a 19 year old Ethiopian man, Solomon Tekah, in a Haifa suburb. The officer said he opened fire while walking with his family, in order to break up a fight that he felt was endangering his family’s safety. The officer’s conduct is being investigated and […]

Israel News for 7-1-2019

Israeli Attacks Syrian media is reporting that Israeli warplanes attacked attacked military positions in central Syria early Monday, with a missile near the capital, Damascus, killing four civilians and wounding 21. The planes fired missiles from Lebanese airspace, and Syrian missile defense fired at the aircraft. The Syrian London based Observatory for Human Rights reported […]

Israel News for 6-28-2019

Terrorist Killed A Palestinian in east Jerusalem shot fireworks at a border policeman who was patrolling the area. The policeman shot and critically wounded the attackers, who dies of his wounds. Security forces are on high alert today in Jerusalem. Gaza Deal An agreement, negotiated with the help of Egypt and the UN, has reportedly […]

Israel News for 6-26-2019

Defense Summit PM Netanyahu met with US National Security Advisor John Bolton and Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev in Jerusalem to discuss issues related to Iran. Patrushev said Israeli air strikes on Syria were “undesirable” and condemned attempts to isolate Iran. He said the attempts to present Iran as the main threat to the […]

Israel News for 6-24-2019

Security Meeting PM Netanyahu met with US National Security Advisor John Bolton in Jerusalem on Sunday. Their discussion focused primarily on the Iranian crisis. On Tuesday Bolton will meet with his Israel and Russian counterparts. For further reading click here. Peace Plan In an interview with news agency Reuters, Jared Kushner gave details of the […]

Israel News for 6-21-2019

Graveyard Searches Syrian sources are reporting that Syrian and Russian personnel are searching for missing Israelis in a cemetery in the Damascus area, where the bones of Zachary Baumel, which were brought to Israel two months ago, were also allegedly located. Journalist Roi Kais reported on Thursday on Kan 11 News that the cemetery in […]