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Israel News for 5-18-2022

News Update Security forces arrested 14 terror suspects overnight in West Bank raids. The forces came under attack during some of the operations, and responded with gunfire. PM Bennett has instructed the IDF to use “all kinds of weapons” against terrorists. That could include attack helicopters and air-to-surface missiles. Defense Minister Benny Gantz will travel […]

Israel News for 5-16-2022

News Update Police arrested a 22 year old Palestinian with an axe today in the West Bank. The man admitted that he intended to attack Israelis on the road. He was carrying a letter in which he outlined his intention to avenge the death of friends by launching an attack, and was prepared to pay […]

Israel News for 5-13-2022

News Update Sgt. Maj. Noam Raz, 47, a member of Yamam, Israel’s elite police anti-terror unit, was killed in a shootout with Palestinian terrorists during a raid in the town of Brukin on the outskirts of Jenin this morning. Palestinian sources report that 11 Palestinians were wounded in the shootout, including the brother of a […]

Israel News for 5-11-2022

News Update Ra’am leader Mansour Abbas said today that his party will remain in the coalition, making it highly unlikely that the opposition will attempt to pass a resolution to dissolve the government. Syrian state media reported an Israeli missile strike in the Quneitra area, near the Israeli border. Material damage, but no loss of […]

Israel News for 5-9-2022

News Update Security forces, after a 4 day manhunt, captured the 2 terrorists who killed 3 and wounded 4 in Elad last week. The 2 were captured on Sunday morning without a fight, in a wooded area not far from Elad. Investigators have revealed that one of the men killed in the terror attack, who […]

Israel News for 5-6-2022

News Update Two terrorists, armed with a hatchet and knives, attacked people in the city of Elad yesterday, killing 3 men and wounded another 4. The terrorists, both from a village near Jenin, fled. Security forces launched a massive manhunt to capture them. The murdered victims of the attack were Yonatan Havakuk, 44, Boaz Gol, […]

Israel News for 5-4-2022

News Update Today is Yom Hazikaron, the day Israel remembers and honors its 24,068 fallen soldiers, police and security forces along with 4,217 civilian victims of terror. A two-minute siren sounded across the country at 11am, followed by state memorial services at the country’s 52 military cemeteries nationwide, attended by bereaved families, public figures and representatives […]

Israel News for 5-2-2022

News Update On Friday afternoon, 2 terrorists in a car pulled up along the guardhouse at the entrance to Ariel and opened fire at the guardhouse with submachine guns. Security guard Vyacheslav (Daniel) Golev, 23, was killed, but he managed to shield his fiance’ and save her. Golev was laid to rest yesterday in his […]

Israel News for 4-29-2022

News Update On this final Friday of Ramadan, hundreds of Palestinians rioted on the Temple Mount, waving Hamas flags and throwing rocks and fireworks. Some threw rocks down at Jews worshipping at the Western Wall. Police entered the Temple Mount to stop the rioting. At least 12 rioters were reported injured and several arrested. The […]

Israel News for 4-27-2022

News Update The Syrian Defense Ministry said that at four soldiers were killed and three others wounded in an Israeli missile attack on Damascus late last night. The Saudi Arabian Al Hadath news channel reported that the target of the attack was a shipment of weapons for the Iran backed Hezbollah terror group. The Britain-based […]