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Israel News for 5-25-2023

News Update Security forces last night arrested a fugitive terrorist involved in a September 2022 shooting and firebomb attack on a bus carrying IDF soldiers in the Jordan Valley, in which 6 soldiers and a bus drive were wounded. Maher al-Said Turkman, a 50-year-old farmer from the village of al-Jiftlik in the heart of the […]

Israel News for 5-22-2023

News Update IDF forces operating overnight in Nablus’ Balata refugee camp came under attack and returned fire, killing 3 terrorists and wounding 3 others. Troops reportedly raided 25 homes and arrested 5 terror suspects. Around 200 soldiers and 70 military vehicles reportedly took part in the operation. The Defense Ministry will be significantly raising the […]

Israel News for 5-19-2023

News Update Security forces arrested 7 terror suspects in overnight raids throughout the West Bank. Yesterday, tens of thousands of Jews danced and marched with Israeli flags through Jerusalem and the Old City, converging at the Western Wall, in commemoration and celebration of the liberation and unification of Jerusalem during the Six Day War. There […]

Israel News for 5-17-2023

News Update Foreign Minister Eli Cohen became the first Israeli foreign minister to visit Sweden in 22 years, when he met with Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström in Stockholm on Monday. The two spoke about ways for their two countries to cooperate on a wide array of issues. Cohen also met with Swedish Deputy Prime […]

Israel News for 5-15-2023

News Update After 5 days of fighting, Israel agreed to a truce with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) early Sunday morning. In total, 1,139 rockets were fired into Israel and over 430 were intercepted. Most of the rest fell in open areas. The Iron Dome had a 95% success rate. The IDF struck 422 PIJ […]

Israel News for 5-12-2023

News Update Over 700 rockets have been fired into Israel over the last couple of days. Most of the rockets have been intercepted by the Iron Dome or have fallen in open areas. One rocket hit an apartment in the city Rehovot yesterday. A 70 year old woman was killed and at least 15 other […]

Israel News for 5-10-2023

News Update Yesterday the IDF launched Operation Shield and Arrow, directed against the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). Air strikes assassinated 3 PIJ leaders in Gaza: Khalil Bahitini, who was responsible for launching the rockets into the Gaza Envelope last week; Jehad Ghanam, a long-time operative in the organization; and Tarek Az Aldin, who was responsible […]

Israel News for 5-8-2023

News Update Speaking at the Washington Institute for Near East Policies last week, U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said, “We have the interest and bandwidth to promote normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia, and in fact, it’s this administration that has produced the first tangible step of these two countries coming close together with […]

Israel News for 5-3-2023

News Update Israeli undercover special forces killed the 2 terrorists who murdered the 3 members of the Dee family last month. Around 200 personnel took part in the raid yesterday morning in the center of Nablus. Another terrorist was also killed in the gunfight.  Rabbi Dee, the father of the girls murdered, said, “The world […]

Israel News for 5-3-2023

News Update Yesterday, Islamic Jihad terrorist Khader Adnan died after being on an 86 day hunger in an Israeli prison. In response to his death, Islamic Jihad terrorists fired barrages of rockets at Israel in the afternoon and evening. In total, 102 rockets were fired from Gaza. Three people were wounded in Sderot and some […]