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Israel News for 12-5-2023

News Update Rockets were fired at southern and central Israel from Gaza today. A residential building was hit in Ashkelon, injuring 2 elderly women. Several rockets fell in open areas in Beersheba, a rocket fell on a Tel Aviv beach and on a street in Holon. Several rockets were fired into Israel from Lebanon. The […]

Israel News for 12-4-2023

News Update Combat operations against Hamas are in full swing and include southern Gaza. Hamas broke the truce on Friday. Israeli forces killed several high ranking Hamas commanders over the last few days. Hundreds of airstrikes have destroyed tunnels and other Hamas terror infrastructure, weapons and, of course, terrorists. Rocket barrages were fired towards the […]

Israel News for 12-1-2023

News Update This morning Hamas resumed rocket attacks against Israel. At least 50 rockets have been fired at southern Israel thus far. Some damage has been reported. Three IDF soldiers were moderately injured and two lightly injured from a mortar that fell near Nirim, near Gaza. IDF jets responded with strikes in Gaza. IDF ground […]

Israel News for 11-30-2023

News Update Early this morning, 2 terrorists armed with an M-16 rifle and a pistol opened fire on people at a bus stop at the entrance to Jerusalem. Three civilians were killed and at least 11 injured, 4 in serious condition. The terrorists, residents of east Jerusalem and affiliated with Hamas, were in their 30’s […]

Israel News for 11-29-2023

News Update Another 10 hostages will be released today in exchange for another day of truce, 30 more terrorists and more aid. Hamas has said that it is willing to agree to another 4 days of truce. Hamas also said that it would release hostages with Russian citizenship, out of appreciation for Putin. 10 hostages […]

Israel News for 11-28-2023

News Update Israel has agreed to a 2 day extension of the truce in exchange for an additional 20 hostages. The 50 hostages in the original agreement have all been released. In exchange for Jewish children, mothers and grandmothers, Israel has released 150 terrorists and allowed over a thousand trucks filled with humanitarian aid into […]

Israel News for 11-27-2023

News Update We are in the 4th day of the truce, awaiting the release of the final 11 Israeli hostages as part of the original agreement with Hamas to release 50 Israeli hostages. 39 Israeli hostages, all women and children, have already been released. Hamas has reportedly indicated that they will agree to Israel’s offer […]

Israel News for 11-22-2023

News Update 13 Israeli hostages have been released as part of the agreement to release 50 in exchange for a 4 day truce and the release of 150 Palestinian prisoners. In addition, 12 Thai workers held hostage have been released, in a separate deal between Thailand and Iran. All of the hostages released were being […]

Israel News for 11-22-2023

News Update The government approved an agreement with Hamas for the release of at least 50 hostages, children and mothers, in exchange for a 4 day cease-fire and the release of 150 detainees, also women and minors. Most of the detainees are from east Jerusalem and the West Bank. None of them have been convicted […]

Israel News for 11-21-2023

News Update Regarding the hostage negotiations, the Qatari Foreign Ministry said today, “The Qatari mediation is in its final stage and at the closest point to reaching a cease-fire. We do not have a final agreement yet, but will announce the details as soon as we do.” Hamas released details of what they say that […]