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Israel News for 8-31-2022

News Update Security forces today arrested 3 men in a village near Ramallah, suspected of involvement in several terror shootings.  One of the suspects was shot and slightly injured when he tried to flee. Security forces also arrested 6 other terror suspects in West Bank raids. There were no Israeli casualties. An IDF soldier in […]

Israel News for 8-29-2022

News Update Security forces arrested nine terror suspects in overnight West Bank raids. Troops were fired upon and returned fire. No troops were wounded. Satellite images confirm that an alleged Israeli strike in Syria last week hit a giant arms depot housing about 1,000 precision-guided middle-range missiles for Iran-backed fighters. The images show widespread destruction […]

Israel News for 8-26-2022

News Update Syrian state media reported that Syrian air defenses intercepted “hostile targets” over Hama’s countryside on Thursday and that 2 civilians were killed in the attack. The UK based Observatory for Human Rights, a Syrian opposition group said that among the targets was a scientific research facility as well as Iran backed militias including […]

Israel News for 8-24-2022

News Update Security forces arrested 14 terror suspects in West Bank raids overnight. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov condemned Israeli missile attacks against Syria, in a joint press conference with the Syrian Foreign Minister. He said, “We strongly condemned the dangerous practice of Israeli strikes on Syrian territory. We demand that Israel respect the resolutions […]

Israel News for 8-22-2022

News Update Security forces arrested 8 suspected terrorists in overnight raids in the West Bank. Shin Bet Director Ronen Bar traveled to Egypt on Sunday after Egypt accused Israel of not following the terms of the truce mediated by Egypt between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), which Egypt claims included Israel refraining from […]

Israel News for 8-19-2022

News Update Israel and Turkey announced the restoration of full diplomatic relations between the countries. Both Prime Minister Lapid and President Herzog spoke with Turkish President Erdogan after the announcement. The leaders all welcomed the move and expressed hope for the development of close ties between the two countries. Prime Minister Yair Lapid spoke to […]

Israel News for 8-17-2022

News Update The first ultra-Orthodox settlement outpost ever to be erected was established on a hilltop near the ultra-Orthodox settlement of Metzad in the Gush Etzion Regional Council on Sunday night. Fifteen families moved into the 15 structures in the new outpost named Derech Emunah. Early this morning civil authorities along with Border Police dismantled […]

Israel News for 8-15-2022

News Update Security forces arrested two 21 year old Israeli Arabs from Umm al Fahm on suspicion that they planned to carry out terror attacks on behalf of ISIS. The men confessed to planning attacks in during their investigation, and revealed their intent to join IS forces and fight with them. A terrorist attempted to […]

Israel News for 8-12-2022

News Update A 30 year old woman from Ofakim and her 7 year old and 2 year old daughters were killed yesterday when an out of control public bus hit them as they were standing on a sidewalk outside of a shopping mall in Jerusalem yesterday. They were laid to rest today. Three other people […]

Israel News for 8-10-2022

News Update On Tuesday, a joint force of IDF, Shin Bet and Border Police commandoes killed terror suspect Ibrahim al-Nablusi in a three hour gunfight after they surrounded three buildings he was hiding out in, in Nablus. Troops ended up firing shoulder fired missiles that destroyed the building with al-Nablusi still in it. A second […]