Israel news summary

Israel News for 7-25-2022

News Update

Security forces arrested 7 terror suspects in raids throughout the West Bank early today. On Sunday, gunfire broke out between terrorists and security forces who entered Nablus to arrest 2 terror suspects. Two terrorists were killed and 9 wounded. Also on Sunday, the navy destroyed a boat smuggling weapons from Egypt to Gaza.

Former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett reportedly turned down current interim Prime Minister Yair Lapid’s offer for him to serve as interim Foreign Minister. Bennett is not running in the upcoming elections.

Israeli officials seem to have no idea as to why Russian President Putin is threatening to close down the Jewish Agency offices in Russia. They want President Isaac Herzog to get involved to find a solution for the situation. A special government delegation designated to go to Russia on Sunday has yet to get the required visas from the Russian government.

Israel is facing a severe shortage of teachers, anywhere from 6,000 to 10,000. For more, click here.

Since passing The Law for the Reduction in the Use of Cash, Israel has been enforcing a gradual cutback in the use of cash in everyday business and personal transactions. The purpose of the law is to move the country to the point where all financial transactions will be digital, which will reduce illegal activity and tax evasion. The cutback will get even steeper next month. To read more, click here.

Google Israel head of engineering Tzahi Zilbershtein has built an algorithm that can help calculate how long you’ll have to wait at Ben Gurion airport for your flight. The site, which is only in Hebrew, forecasts how busy the arrivals hall, check-in, and security checks in Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 are likely to be under five ratings: deserted, light, medium, heavy, and peak. For more, click here.