Israel news summary

Israel News for 7-22-2022

News Update

Early this morning, Border Police in Jerusalem’s Old City arrested a suspected terrorist planning to perpetrate a stabbing attack today. The suspect was following a group of Jewish worshippers on their way towards the Western Wall when he was spotted by an alert observer, who contacted police.

The IDF announced that it broke up a terrorist network in the Nablus area. For more, click here.

Syrian state media reported that Israel fired missiles from the Golan late last night targeting Syrian military positions around Damascus. Some of the targets reportedly hit include the Syria air force intelligence offices, the office of a senior officer, a military airfield and a warehouse containing Iranian weapons. Eight people were reportedly killed in the strikes.

Israel has decided to send a special delegation to Russia in response to a request by Russia’s Ministry of Justice to close down the Jewish Agency branch in Russia. The delegation will consist of members from the Prime Minister office, Foreign Ministry, Justice Ministry and the Aliyah and Integration Ministry. Its goal will be to keep the Jewish Agency, which facilitates immigration to Israel, open in Russia. The Russians are reportedly angry at Israel for showing support for Ukraine and for its continued strikes in Syria.

The Supreme Court has ruled that the state may revoke the citizenship of those convicted of terrorism, treason or serious espionage. The Supreme Court ruling stated that “there was no constitutional fault in an arrangement that would facilitate the revocation of citizenship of a person who committed acts that constitute breach of trust against the State of Israel, such as an act of terrorism, an act of treason or serious espionage, or acquisition of citizenship for permanent residency in a hostile nation or hostile territory”.