Israel news summary

Israel News for 8-3-2022

News Update

The IDF is on high alert along the Gaza border after security forces arrested the West Bank leader of Islamic Jihad on Monday night in Jenin. More than 50 Islamic Jihad terror suspects have been arrested in recent weeks. The Prime Minister ordered roads to be closed near the Gaza border and suspended railway service in the Ashkelon area in expectation of retaliation by the terror group. The IDF also called up 100 reservists to reinforce units in the border area. Israel is working with Egyptian mediators to pressure Hamas to restrain Islamic Jihad and keep the peace. For more, click here.

Security forces arrested 12 terror suspects in raids last night in the West Bank.

Amos Hochstein, the U.S. envoy mediating between Israel and Lebanon on the maritime border dispute arrived in Israel late on Monday and met with Prime Minister Yair Lapid. Israel and Lebanon are reportedly getting close to reaching an agreement regarding the Karish offshore oilfields, which Lebanon claims are in its territory.

A special Knesset committee is investigating charges that prison wardens and supervisors at the Gilboa maximum security prison allowed a convicted Palestinian terrorist to roam freely in the prison and sexually assault and rape a female prison guard. The Shin Bet is also being accused of allowing this situation to continue.