Israel news summary

Israel News for 8-5-2022

News Update

The IDF remains on high alert along the Gaza border and has redeployed reinforcements and called up reserves to the area. The IDF continues to maintain road closures in the border area. This comes after security forces arrested an Islamic Jihad commander, al Saadi, earlier this week in Jenin. The IDF says that it has intelligence that the Islamic Jihad terror group in Gaza is planning attacks on Israeli targets in the border area.

According to a report in the Palestinian al Quds news paper in Jerusalem, Islamist Jihad told Egyptian moderators that they demand to see proof that al Saadi was unharmed by his Israeli captors as well as a resolution of the 144 day hunger strike of another member of the Islamic Jihad held in prison in Israel. The terror group also said that they were not interested in a violent conflict but reserved the right to respond to the “the crimes perpetrated by the enemy occupiers.”

Prime Minister Lapid spoke with Australian Prime Minister Albanese yesterday to discuss relations between the two countries and to thank him for his support of Israel. Albanese’s government has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and listed Hezbollah in its entirety as a terrorist organization.

The latest election poll released today indicates a Netanyahu led coalition of 62 seats could be successfully formed. This is assuming that the new Zionist Spirit party formed by Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked and Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel wins 4 seats. For more, click here.

The Royal Family of Dubai is getting serious about finding and facilitating business and investment opportunities and cooperation between Israel and the UAE. To read more about this, click here.

The first commercial flight crossed Saudi Arabian airspace to get to Israel from Hong Kong yesterday. Last month the Saudis agreed to open their airspace to all civilian flights, including those departing from and arriving to Israel. Israeli carriers have still not entered Saudi airspace, but EL Al is expected to receive approval from the Saudis next week. With this change, flights to and from India, Thailand, China and other countries can now fly over the Saudi peninsula, saving several hours of flight time. The decision will also benefit Muslims from Israel who wish to participate in the hajj, as direct charter flights to Saudi Arabia will be available annually for pilgrims.