Israel news summary

Israel News for 8-15-2022

News Update

Security forces arrested two 21 year old Israeli Arabs from Umm al Fahm on suspicion that they planned to carry out terror attacks on behalf of ISIS. The men confessed to planning attacks in during their investigation, and revealed their intent to join IS forces and fight with them.

A terrorist attempted to stab members of an undercover Border Police unit that was searching the village of Aqab (near Jerusalem) for illegal weapons. Troops shot and killed the terrorist.

The IDF announced that it destroyed a Hamas terror tunnel that was being built near the Israel border in northern Gaza. The tunnel had not yet managed to penetrate into Israel territory.

The IDF, on Sunday, hit Iranian targets in a series of strikes near the Syrian port city of Tartus and near Damascus. The Syrian Army reported 3 dead and 3 wounded in the strikes. Russia has a major naval base in Tartus and an airbase nearby. For more, click here.

On Sunday morning, a Palestinian terrorist shot and wounded 8 civilians on a bus and in a nearby parking lot near the entrance to the Western Wall plaza. The terrorist, a 26-year-old East Jerusalem resident who had served 5 years in an Israeli prison, turned himself in to police later in the day. Four of the wounded were American citizens.