Israel news summary

Israel News for 8-16-2021

News Update

Massive wildfires broke out in the Jerusalem hills yesterday. Some fires are still burning today. Over 17,000 dunams (420 acres) have been burned and 10,000 people have evacuated their homes. Some homes were burned. Fire and Rescue Commissioner Dedi Simchi said 12 firefighting planes were deployed, along with crews from around 60 fire engines.

An IDF special counterterrorism unit entered Jenin last night, disguised as Arabs, to arrest a wanted terror suspect. As they were leaving the city, a large number of terrorists, including snipers, attacked the unit with heavy gunfire from close range. The until returned fire, killing at least 4 terrorists. No Israeli casualties were reported.

The Health Ministry today reported 5,075 new corona cases on Sunday, putting the infection rate at 6.07%. At least 519 patients are in severe condition, of whom 92 are ventilated. The official death toll now stands at 6,668. Despite the increase in infections, the number of patients with severe conditions is dropping. The country is in the process of offering a third vaccine dose to those over 50. Close to a million people have already received their third dose.

Sahar Ismail, a senior adviser for Arab affairs in the Education Ministry and a member of the New Hope party (right wing) was shot to death yesterday outside his home in the village of Rameh in the Galilee. No motive has been discovered yet.

The first Israeli citizen was born in Dubai on Saturday. The little girl, Maya, is the daughter of Ilan Sztulman, the head of Israel’s consulate in Dubai. Mazal Tov!