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Israel News for 11-16-2022

News Update

An 18 year old Palestinian terrorist stabbed and killed 3 Israeli men and seriously wounded 3 others outside of the city of Ariel. The terrorist first attacked the Israeli guard at the entrance to the Ariel’s industrial zone, then proceeded to a nearby gas station and stabbed three more people there. He then stole a car, intentionally collided with another vehicle on a nearby highway and struck another person and attempted to steal another car before being stopped. He tried to run from the scene but was shot and killed by soldiers.

An IDF official said that the failure of the guards, at the entrance of the industrial zone, to report the attack immediately to the army prevented soldiers from being able to block the terrorist from getting onto the highway, where he continued his terror attack.

The Israelis killed in the attack were:

1. Moshe Ashkenazi, 59, a father of three and grandfather of two, who was a resident of the southern city of Yavne.

2. Michael Ladygin, 36 and father of 2, from Bat Yam. He made aliyah with his family from Ukraine five years ago.

3. Tamir Avihai, father of 6, from the settlement of Kiryat Netafim.

In the wake of the decision by the FBI to investigate the killing of Al Jazeera reporter Shireen Abu Akleh, outgoing Prime Minister Lapid said, “IDF soldiers will not be investigated by the FBI or any other foreign entity or state, no matter how friendly to Israel.” He added, “We will not abandon our soldiers to an investigation. Our strong protest was delivered to the American’s in the appropriate levels. The IDF is a moral military with values and its soldiers and commanders are protecting Israel, vigorously investigating any unusual incident and are committed to democratic values and the law.” The FBI decision came after 57 members of Congress asked FBI director Christopher Wray to investigate the circumstances of the Palestinian-American journalist’s death, which occurred when she was hit by a bullet while covering a Palestinian riot against IDF troops.

Likud has cancelled all meetings with potential coalition partners today after a contentious meeting between Prime Minister elect Netanyahu and Religious Zionism leader Smotrich, in which Netanyahu reportedly rejected Smotrich’s demand to be appointed Defense Minister in the new government.  He also refused to give Smotrich the Finance Ministry, his second choice, since that is most likely earmarked for Shas leader Aryeh Deri. Netanyahu reportedly told Smotrich that the government would need to act with moderation on diplomatic and security issues, at least until the end of the Biden administration. Smotrich is threatening not to join in the coalition if his demands are not met. Netanyahu cannot form a government without Religious Zionism’s 14 seats.

Israel’s annualized inflation rate is currently at 5.1%. For more, click here. 

An Israeli businessman living in Georgia (the country) was the target of an Iranian planned assassination attempt that was foiled by security services there. To read more, click here.