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Israel News for 9-26-17

Terror Attack
A Palestinian terrorist shot and killed a Border Policeman and 2 security guards and injured a fourth security guard at the gate of the Har Adar settlement northwest of Jerusalem this morning.

The attack took place when security forces were opening the back gate where dozens of Palestinian day laborers were waiting to enter. One of the Palestinians aroused suspicion. When the security forces approached to arrest him, he removed a gun from his shirt and opened fire at close range. A female Border Police officer, who was the settlement’s security coordinator, shot and killed the terrorist.

The Border Policeman killed was identified as Staff Sergeant Solomon Gavriya, 20, from Be’er Yaakov. Gavriya joined the Border Police 18 months ago. He is survived by his parents and three siblings. Gavriya had previously been injured while stopping a terrorist attack, but insisted returning to his unit to continue defending his country.

The security guards killed were Or Arish, 25, of Har Adar and Youssef Ottman of Abu Ghosh.

The terrorist, identified as Nimer Jamal, was a 37-year-old resident of Beit Surik with no record of security offenses, who held a valid work permit. He was married with four children. An initial inquiry into the attack uncovered Jamal suffered from severe personal and family issues, including domestic violence. Residents of War Adar said that he had cleaned their houses for the past two and a half years and was a “completely normal” and “good-natured” man.

The IDF surrounded his village and arrested other terror suspects there and in the area.

PM Netanyahu said, “This is a difficult morning with three Israelis murdered by a terrorist. On behalf of the government and the entire people of Israel, my condolences go out to the families of the deceased, and I also wish a speedy recovery to the settlement’s military security coordinator who was also injured. The attack and its ramifications are still under investigation. What we can say now, however, is that the terrorist’s home will be demolished, the IDF has already encircled his village and the work permits of his extended family will be revoked.”
He added, “This murderous attack is a result of methodical incitement by the Palestinian Authority and other entities, and I expect Mahmoud Abbas to denounce the attacking rather than attempt to justify it. Security forces will continue working against the incitement and terrorism as they do every day, and we will conclude the inquiry into the specifics of this attack.”

Hamas praised the attack.

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PA in Gaza
The Palestinian Authority government will meet in Gaza next week to begin taking administrative control of the strip from Hamas. Last week Hamas agreed to relinquish administrative control over Gaza but it did not agree to disband its security forces.

PA President Abbas pressured Hamas by cutting off payments for the electricity supply to Gaza and by slashing by 30% the salaries of 60,000 Gazans employed by the PA. Egypt and other US-allied Arab countries have been pushing for the reconciliation. But the presence of Hamas military (terror) forces could make any attempt at real reconciliation moot.

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Haredi Employment
Over the past number of years, the government has made a concerted effort to increase the employment rate of Haredi (ultra-orthodox) men. The government’s goal was to achieve an employment rate of 63% by 2020. According to the weekly economic review published yesterday by the Ministry of Finance, that goal will not be reached until 2030. The current male Haredi employment rate is about 50% as compared to 87% for non Haredi men. The Haredi employment rate is rising by abut 1% per year.

On the bright side, the employment rate among Haredi women has already exceeded the target set for 2020.

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Cyprus Getaway
A lot of Israelis will most likely be heading to Cyprus in November — at least those who take advantage of the special Ryanair 9.99 (pounds) discount one-way fare to the island. Can’t beat that (even though it doesn’t include luggage). The special ended last night at midnight.

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Mexican Fans
The IDF soldiers sent to Mexico City to conduct search and rescue operations in the wake of the earthquake that hit the city are getting lots of local fans. Photos of Israeli soldiers are creating a (loving) stir on social media. The soldiers are flattered at having their pictures on the web, but are staying focused on their mission.

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Hassidic Gathering
Before the High Holidays the Hassidic sect Toldos Ahron joined their Rebbe on a visit to Meron, the burial place of Rabi Shimon Bar Yochai, the second century rabbinic sage who is traditional believed to have authored the Zohar — the cornerstone of Jewish mysticism.

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