Israel news summary

Israel News for 10-02-2019

News Update
A series of three pre-trial hearings in the corruption investigation of PM Netanyahu kicked off today. The hearings focus on 3 cases, for which the PM could face fraud and breach of trust charges. Netanyahu will not attend any of the hearings, but will be represented by his legal team. After hearing the arguments, the attorney general is expected to decide by the end of December whether to indict Netanyahu.

Meanwhile, the PM was meeting with leaders of the right wing parties, to solidify their support in his attempt to form a government. This comes after talks to form a unity government with Blue and White fell apart.

The PM and his allies must decide whether to return the government forming mandate to the President, as it seems almost impossible for him to form a new government. The only alternative seems to be a third round of elections.

On another front, the Iraqi Prime Minister accused Israel of orchestrating attacks on Iranian backed militias in his country. Israel declined to comment (wink).

Finally, today is the Fast of Gedalia, which always comes the day after Rosh Hashanah and mourns the assassination of the Jewish governor of Judea and the end of any semblance of Jewish sovereignty and the exile of the remaining Jews  shortly after the Babylonians destroyed the first Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.  In addition to fasting, it is a day of prayer, repentance and reflection. It is also a reminded of what divisiveness in Israeli politics can lead to.