Israel news summary

Israel News for 10-31-2022

News Update

Tomorrow, Israelis will vote in the Knesset elections, the third one in the last 5 years. The polls still do not show any clear path to a 61 seat majority for any faction. Here are a few things that are fairly certain:

  1. Likud and Yesh Atid will probably be the largest factions, in that order.
  2. Religious Zionism will probably win a lot more seats than they have in the previous few elections.
  3. Ayalet Shaked’s Jewish Home might or might not pass the minimum vote threshold — but if it does, it will probably assure a Netanyahu led government.
  4. Small parties will determine who will govern.
  5. Poll results are meaningless. Each voter will make their decision at the voting box.

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IDF, Shin Bet, and Border Police arrested eight terror suspects in overnight West Bank raids.

A 49 year old Palestinian terrorist rammed his vehicle into soldiers at the Nabi Musa Junction bus stop, on the slopes between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, and then at a bus stop at the Almog Junction yesterday. Five soldiers were injured in the attack. The terrorist was critically wounded by police.

A Hamas terrorist armed with an M-16 rifle shot and killed 1 Israeli and wounded 4 others in the settlement of Kiryat Arba on Saturday night. The terrorist was killed by the settlements security officer and an off-duty IDF officer. The terrorist, who worked as an Islamic education teacher at an elementary school in Hebron, was a terminally ill cancer patient on a suicide mission. After the attack, Palestinians in Hebron shot off fireworks, handed out sweets and chanted Hamas slogans in celebration.