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Israel News for 9-10-2021

News Update

Hundreds of Palestinians have been rioting throughout the West Bank since the escape of 6 terrorists from the Gilboa maximum security prison in Northern Israel (near Jenin) on Monday. All 6 were serving life sentences for deadly terror attacks against Israelis. The prisoners, who managed to dig a tunnel out of the prison, are still at large. Security forces are conducting a massive manhunt to capture them.

The IDF ordered to cancel all leaves for soldiers stationed in the West Bank after Hamas called for a “day of rage” following Friday prayer. Over 1,000 troops were diverted to reinforce the IDF presence across the West Bank and may be bolstered by further forces in coming days for fear of escalating tensions and because of the assumption that at at least some of the six fugitives have managed to cross into the West Bank. The Palestinian Authority has reportedly agreed to assist Israel in the hunt for the escaped terrorists, ostensibly to avoid further escalation of violence in the West Bank.

The Health Ministry today reported 7,769 new corona cases on Thursday, with an infection rate of 6%. At least 672 patients are in severe condition, of whom 173 are ventilated.  7,319 have died from the virus since the start of the pandemic. 900,000 Israelis have not received even one dose of the vaccine.

Over 30,000 Jews, mostly Israelis, went to Uman, Ukraine for Rosh Hashanah to pray near the tomb of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, an 18th century Chassidic luminary who promised blessings to those who would pray at his tomb on Rosh Hashanah. Unfortunately, that resulted in an an abnormally high coronavirus infection rate among those worshippers. Police suspect that hundreds of those worshippers returning home to Israel obtained forged negative corona test results.

At least 117 returning to Israel from Ukraine have been found to be carrying forged documents after having tested positive for the virus back in Ukraine. They were taken by ambulance to quarantine at home and authorities are expected to launch criminal proceedings against them for knowingly spreading a communicable disease.

TimeOut magazine has, for the second year in a row, ranked Tel Aviv as the most fun city in the world as well as the eighth best city in the world and the second best city in the food and drink category, behind Shanghai. San Francisco was voted the world’s best city followed by Amsterdam, Manchester, Copenhagen, New York, Montreal and Prague. Rounding out the top ten after Tel Aviv were Porto and Tokyo.

We are now in the midst of the 10 Days of Repentance, between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, during which God gives us another chance to repent, before the Book of Life is sealed on the Day of Atonement. LEt’s take advantage of this opportunity to make amends and improve and elevate ourselves.

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