Israel News for July 27, 2016

Terrorists Captured
Last night IDF and Police forces from the Duvdevan, Yamam and Kfir units killed Mohammed Jabarah al-Fakih, the 29-year-old Hamas terrorist who murdered Rabbi Michael Mark and wounded Mark’s wife and two of their children in a roadside ambush on July 1st near Otniel. The operation was executed in the village of Surif, north of Heron. Three other terrorists and several family members suspected of helping al-Fakih were also arrested in the raid. No Israeli soldiers were injured in the operation.

Hamas and Palestinian media and websites praised al-Fakih as a martyr and hero who fought to the death.

The Units
Duvdevan is a special unit whose members go into Arab areas disguised as Arabs to make arrests.

Yamam is the Police anti-terrorist unit (think anti-terror S.W.A.T)

Kfir is an infantry brigade that operates in the West Bank. Its primary missions include counter-terror operations, capturing terrorists, patrols, manning checkpoints and regular security activities.

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Terror Attempt
A female Arab terrorist charged at soldiers manning the Qalandiya checkpoint north of Jerusalem Tuesday morning. She was shot in the legs by soldiers before she could cause any harm. A knife was found in her bag.

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Soccer Fans Busted
A special task force of 400 Israeli police officers and security personnel raided homes throughout the country and arrested fifty members of a group of Beitar Jerusalem soccer fans called La Familia. Some of those arrested are suspected of attacking a rival team’s fan with an axe last year. All are suspected of having participated in violent incidents. Police also found explosives, grenades and various types of weapons. Several of those arrested were IDF soldiers, including one officer. Additional arrests are expected.

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Controversial Rabbi Clarifies
Rabbi Yigal Levinstein, the head of a pre-army academy in Eli who was reprimanded for making controversial statements degrading gays, issued a letter to the Director-General of the Defense Ministry clarifying his comments.

He wrote, “My comments at the rabbinic conference last week were interpreted by many in a way I never intended, as if I had called for the exclusion of certain populations or parts of them from the IDF, or to harm the sense of camaraderie we all place our trust in.” He added, “Everyone has a place in the IDF, regardless of their background, their worldview, or their personal inclinations. The criticism I voiced did not express a lack of faith [in the system], rather it came from a sense of love and pain.”

He did not retract his initial comments.

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Dems Burn Flag
Protesters outside of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia burned an Israeli flag while chanting “intifada”. One person waived a Palestinian flag. I don’t think something like this happened outside of the Republican National Convention, did it?

The National Jewish Democratic Council condemned the flag-burning on Twitter, calling it “Disgusting and totally reprehensible. These protestors aren’t only wrong, but are fundamentally anti-progressive.”

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