Israel news summary

Israel News for 6-15-2022

News Update

IDF forces on a raid in Jenin this morning came under attack. The troops responded, killing 3 attackers and wounding 8. No troops were injured.

Russia’s foreign ministry summoned Israel’s Ambassador to Russia Alexander Ben Zvi this week, regarding a missile strike against the Damascus International Airport that was attributed to Israel. The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov expressed Moscow’s deep concern regarding the attack, which the Russians said damaged the airport’s runway, navigation systems, buildings, and caused damage to international air traffic. Bogdanov told Ben-Zvi that the explanations Jerusalem provided so far did not satisfy the Kremlin and that Moscow would not allow Syria to become a “battlefield” for other countries as it helps in fighting terrorism across the region.

The Damascus International Airport has two runways, one of which serves the military. Both runways were damaged. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Syrian opposition group based in the United Kingdom, reported that the damaged building was a terminal used by senior military personnel from Iran and Hezbollah traveling to Syria. According to a Wall Street Journal report, “many of Israel’s missions have been reviewed for approval by senior officials at U.S. Central Command and the Pentagon.”

Al Jazeera has displayed the bullet that allegedly killed one of its reporters in the West Bank last month. The bullet is marked in green, which Al Jazeera says indicates that it is IDF issued. However, Palestinian gunmen use the same bullets, many of which were stolen from IDF bases. The Palestinians have denied Israel the opportunity to take part in the investigation of the incident or to analyze the evidence.

Ukraine has asked Israel for a $500 million loan. Israel has yet to respond.

The IDF has appointed the first female to command an IDF combat brigade.  Colonel Reut Retig-Weis will take command of an artillery brigade.

The Jewish Agency has selected retired IDF general Doron Almog as its next chairman.