Israel news summary

Israel News for 3-2-2020

News Update

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Israelis are heading to the polls today for the third time in less than a year. The leaders of all parties called on their supporters to come out and vote. The voter turnout is the highest since 1999. There are also 16 specially designated polling stations for the thousands of Israelis who have been placed in home-quarantine after possible exposure to the coronavirus.

IDF forces attacked a vehicle in the Syrian Golan Heights that was involved in an attempted sniper attack against forces in the Golan.

Thousands are attending the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, DC, which began on Sunday and ends on Tuesday. PM Netanyahu addressed the conference by video yesterday, slamming Bernie Sanders for his “libelous charges” against Israel and Netanyahu himself. He also praised President Trump’s peace deal and the US-Israel alliance.

Former VP Biden addressed the conference via recorded video and promised to ensure Israel’s security and support a two-state peace solution.  Former Mayor Mike Bloomberg will speak live at AIPAC on Monday. He is the only Democratic candidate that will be there in person.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic spoke at the AIPAC conference and announced that his country plans on opening a diplomatic mission and an economic office in Jerusalem.