Israel news summary

Israel News for 7-3-2023

News Update

The IDF is in the midst of a major counterterrorism operation in Jenin and the refugee camp in the city. Early this morning,  IDF drones and aircraft struck targets in the city. A large number of ground troops then entered the city. Armored bulldozers were deployed to clear the city roads and identify and avoid improvised explosive devices (IEDs). There were heavy gunfights between troops and terrorists, firing from residential buildings and mosques. Airstrikes have been called in. Several terrorists have been killed and dozens wounded and arrested. There are no reported IDF casualties.

Jenin has emerged as a hub of terrorism, with the IDF confirming over 50 shooting attacks perpetrated by terrorists originating from the Jenin area this year alone. Defense Minister Gallant said, “We’ve dealt a massive blow on terror organizations in Jenin in the past hours, and have achieved impressive successes.” Israel is bracing for the possibility that terrorists in other parts of the territories and in Gaza will join the fight.

The terrorists have been preparing for a major IDF operation for a long time. They set up metal barriers and obstacles for vehicles throughout the alleyways in the refugee camp, and hid large explosive charges on the roads that they estimated the IDF would use. For more, click here.

To read more about Jenin and its focal role in Palestinian terror, click here.

Terrorists opened fire at the Avnei Hefetz settlement in northern Samaria while troops were operating in Jenin. No injuries were reported. Troops are hunting for the attackers.

A Syrian anti-aircraft missile fired towards Israel exploded midair last night. The IDF is investigating. A Syrian security source in Syria told the Arabic-language Sputnik news agency that “air defense systems operated against an Israeli attack on several targets in the Damascus area. The attack was carried out by Israeli Air Force planes using missiles that were launched from Israeli territory in two waves. Syrian air defense systems successfully intercepted most of the Israeli missiles before they hit their targets.”

The government approved the purchase of a third squadron of F-35 stealth fighter jets, bringing its total F-35 fleet to 75. This deal, valued at an estimated three billion dollars, will be funded through American aid.

Turkish intelligence claims to have broken up a Mossad spy ring. Seven people have reportedly been arrested. For more click here.

The Jerusalem Local Planning and Building Committee issued its approval for the construction of a new American embassy compound. The compound will include an embassy, offices, staff residences, parking lots, car maintenance facilities, and security and surveillance structures. After the committee’s approval, the U.S. can now obtain a building permit from the Jerusalem Municipality and proceed with the construction of the embassy, which is expected to last approximately 10 years. For more details, click here.