Israel news summary

Israel News for 7-14-2023

News Update

Prime Minister Netanyahu told President Herzog that he has no intention of resuming talks with opposition leaders to reach a compromise regarding the judicial legislation that is in the process of making its way through the Knesset. Netanyahu did, however, say that he would consider softening “softening” the wording of the legislation. President Herzog is scheduled to visit the White House and address Congress next week. For more, click here.

The PM was reported to have told close confidants that he would refuse to halt judicial reform legislation even in the face of a mass refusal by reservists and that Israel can survive “without a few squadrons.” The coalition is expected to pass the “reasonableness” law next week, which will significantly curtail the High Court’s power to overturn laws. The legislation would specifically prohibit Israeli courts from using what’s called the “reasonableness doctrine” to review decisions made by the Israeli cabinet, government ministers, and other unspecified “elected officials, as determined by law.”

Google has announced that its BARD AI chatbot is being launched today in more than 40 languages around the world including Hebrew.