Israel news summary

Israel News for 9-29-2021

News Update

Early Sunday morning, Israeli forces foiled several planned terror attacks against major Israeli cities when they conducted raids against terror cells in 5 different locations in the West Bank. At least 5 terror suspects were killed and over 20 arrested. Two Israeli soldiers were wounded. To read more, click here.

Five prisoners have been charged with helping six prisoners escape from Gilboa Prison earlier this month.

US national security adviser Jake Sullivan will meet with Egyptian officials in Cairo today to discuss recent escalations of violence between Israel and Hamas. Sullivan will meet with his Israeli counterpart, Eyal Hulata, next week in Washington.

The European Parliament’s Budget panel approved on Tuesday an amendment to withhold 20 million Euros in aid to The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) if immediate changes are not made to the curriculum taught in its schools, which allegedly includes anti-Israel rhetoric and incitement of violence.

The amendment said, “The reserve of EUR 20 million will be released by the next academic school year if substantive positive changes are made in the Palestinian Authority curriculum that promote coexistence and tolerance with the Jewish-Israeli ‘other and peace education with Israel in alignment with the goals of the two-state solution.”