Israel news summary

Israel News for 5-28-2021

News Update

A delegation of senior Egyptian intelligence officials entered Gaza today to continue negotiations with Hamas regarding the conditions of the truce with Israel. The Egyptian delegation will also visit Tel Aviv and Ramallah. Qatar has pledged $500 million for Gaza reconstruction.

Three firebombs were thrown at a Jewish apartment in Lod last night. The residents managed to extinguish the fire.

The United Nations Human Rights Council has agreed to launch an international investigation into crimes committed during the 11-day conflict between Israel and Hamas. By a vote of 24 states in favor, 9 against, with 14 abstentions, the 47-member forum adopted a resolution brought by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the Palestinian delegation to the UN. Those who voted in favor were: Argentina, Armenia, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burkino Faso, China, Cote D’Ivoire, Cuba, Eritrea, Gabon, Indonesia, Libya, Mauritania, Mexico, Namibia, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Senegal, Somalia, Uzbekistan and Venezuela. Those opposed: Austria, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Czech Republic, Germany, Malawi, Marshal Islands, the United Kingdom and Uruguay.
Those who abstained were: Bahamas, Brazil, Denmark, Fiji, France, India, Italy, Japan, Nepal, Netherlands, Poland, Republic of Korean, Togo, and Ukraine.

Yair Lapid met with Naftali Bennett for the first time since the Gaza conflict, in an attempt to persuade Bennett to join the coalition government he is trying to form.

The electric vehicle market in Israel is heating up with fierce competition between Tesla and a slew of Chinese companies. To read more click here.