Israel news summary

Israel News for 3-8-2023

News Update

Israeli forces mounted a major raid into Jenin yesterday to capture several wanted terrorists including the one who murdered the Yaniv brothers in Huwara last week. Shootouts broke out between the troops and terrorists. Six terrorists were killed, including the Huwara terrorist. Two Israeli commandos were lightly wounded. About a dozen other terrorists were wounded. Troops fired missiles from a helicopter as well as hand held missiles.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said in a statement, “IDF, Shin Bet and Yamam fighters today eliminated the despicable terrorist who murdered in cold blood the two lovely brothers Hallel and Yagel Yaniv.” Our brave warriors operated surgically in the heart of the murderers’ den. I praise them and send recovery wishes to the wounded from among our forces. As I say again and again, time and time again: whoever hurts us – their blood will be on their head.”

An explosive device was activated near an IDF bulldozer doing maintenance work at the Gaza border today. No IDF injuries were reported. In response, IDF tanks shelled Hamas military positions in Gaza.

According to the Syrian military, an Israeli air strike caused material damage to the Aleppo airport, putting it out of service. Israel did not comment on the report.

A compromise proposal for the judicial reform plan espoused by the government is being seriously considered by several top government ministers. For more, click here.

Israel’s Supreme Court has ruled that marriages conducted overseas through video conference calls must be registered as marriages in Israel. Since there is no civil marriage in Israel, couples who do not want to get married in a religious ceremony through their respective religious administrative authority (like the rabbinate) would often travel to Cyprus or some other country and get married there in a civil ceremony. Then they would return to Israel and have their marriage registered by the government. Now they can save the travel and get a civil marriage at home, online. For more, click here.

El Al is launching 4 new routes, to Porto (Portugal), Dublin, Tokyo and Istanbul. For more, click here.