Israel news summary

Israel News for 3-10-2023

News Update

Last night a terrorist opened fire on a crowd of Israelis outside a restaurant on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv. Three men in their 30’s were shot and wounded. The terrorist was shot and killed by police. The terrorist, 23, was a member of Hamas from the village of Ni’lin. Security forces raided the village to search for additional suspects and evidence, and to map the house of the terrorist for demolition. They arrested to terrorist’s father and brother, also members of Hamas. Two other men turned themselves in to police in Ramle and are suspected of transporting the terrorist.

Also last night, a terrorist left a bomb in a bag on a bus in the settlement of Beitar — but the bomb failed to detonate.

Security forces conducting a raid in a village near Jenin yesterday came under fire from 3 terrorists in a moving vehicle. Troops returned fire and killed all 3 terrorists. It turns out that 2 of the 3 terrorists were targets of the arrest raid and were planning to carry out shooting attacks against Israelis.

President Issac Herzog addressed the nation yesterday and said that judicial reform legislation being pushed through the Knesset are wrong, destructive, an affront to Israel’s democratic values, and must be replaced. He said he had, over the past 10 weeks, met with all sides and can say that most disagreements have been resolved and that a resolution to the crisis was within reach. He added, “We cannot allow a small detail – no matter how vital, to lead the country to disaster. The time to stop this is now.”

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Saudi Arabia asked the US to provide security assurances and help to develop its civilian nuclear program as a condition for normalizing ties with Israel. For more, click here.

The US has approved a visa for Finance Minister Smotrich, after talk of denying him the visa because of comments he made about destroying the village of Huwara.