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Israel News for 12-14-18

Terror Attack
A 21 year old IDF soldier was seriously wounded Friday morning after a Palestinian man stabbed him and struck him in the head with a stone at a military post on the outskirts of the settlement of Beit El, near Ramallah.

The IDF spokesperson said, “a fight broke out between the soldier and the assailant, who stabbed the soldier and struck him with a rock from a short distance. Evidence in the field indicates that the assailant was also injured in the struggle. The incident is still being examined. IDF troops are searching the area.”

Overnight, security forces arrested 40 Palestinians, including 37 Hamas operatives, suspected of participating in terror activities.

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Terror Victims
The 2 IDF soldiers shot to death in yesterday’s terror attack at a bus stop near the settlement of Giv’at Asaf were laid to rest today. Hundreds attended their funerals in Ashkelon and Jerusalem. Sergeant Yosef Cohen, aged 19 from Beit Shemesh, and 20-year-old Staff Sergeant Yovel Moryosef from Ashkelon were known as being extremely motivated and giving men.

Several hours before the shooting,  Moryosef told his father on Whatsapp that he had volunteered to take over guard duty at the bus stop for some friends instead of going home—so that his friends could rest. 

One soldier remarked, “Everyone loved them,” said M. “They were people who were always willing to volunteer. They would lend a hand to anyone who needed help. Good people, salt of the earth. Whenever the company sergeant major asked for help, they were always the first to volunteer, and they were very motivated. I remember when we were on a break, and one soldier had no money for a drink, so Yossi (Cohen) took out his wallet and bought it for him. He did not want everyone to have except for one person.”

May their memory serve as a blessing.

Meanwhile, a third soldier shot in the terror attack at the bus stop is in critical condition and fighting for his life. His name is Netanel Ilan (son of) Sheyna Tzipora. He moved to Israel with his family from Silver Spring, MD. May he be granted a full and speedy recovery.

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