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Israel News for 12-13-18

Terror Attack
Earlier today, a terrorist got out of his vehicle and opened fire on soldiers and civilians standing at a bus stop at the Givat Asaf Junction, not far from Ofra, on highway 60. Two people were killed and 2 seriously wounded. All the victims were in their 20’s. The terrorist returned to his vehicle and fled the scene. The IDF is hunting for the terrorist. It is also investigating a possible connection between this attack and the shooting attack near Ofra on Sunday in which 6 people were wounded and a newborn infant was killed.

At around 5am today, a terrorist heading from the direction of the Damascus Gate attacked and attempted to stab a Jewish man on Hagai Street. After he failed to do so, he ran towards two Border Police officers who were stationed nearby and tried to stab them as well. One of the officers shot and killed the 26 year old terrorist. Both officers, a 19 year old female and 21 year old male were lightly injured and are being treated in hospital.

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Terrorists Killed
Israeli Police anti terror forces (Yamam) found and killed the terrorist who murdered 2 Israelis in the Barkan industrial zone 2 months ago. The terrorist was armed when police discovered his hiding place. He exchanged fire with police. No police were injured.

During the search, over 100 Palestinians were arrested and questioned by security forces on suspicion they aided the terrorist or were aware of his terror activity. Some of the suspects, including the terrorist’s father, were charged. The interrogation of these suspects found that Na’alwa was planning to carry out another attack.

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Yamam forces also shot and killed the terrorist suspected of perpetrating the shooting attack near Ofra on Sunday. The terrorist was traveling in a taxi in the town of Surda, north of Ramallah when he was shot. Another suspected terrorist was in the taxi and also shot and wounded.

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