Israel news summary

Israel News for 8-11-2023

News Update

Israel orchestrated the rescue of 204 Israelis and Ethiopians who are eligible for aliya from Gondar, Ethiopia after they came under siege in an area where severe clashes between armed militias and the Ethiopian security forces have taken place in recent days. For more, click here.

A terrorist tried to stab two Israeli women who were standing at a bus stop near Nili, in the Ephraim district, last night. The terrorist did not succeed in wounding the women. He then threw the knife away, got into his car, and fled.

Palestinian Authority President Abbas removed several governors from key districts, including Jenin, Nablus and Bethlehem. Abbas reportedly ordered 12 of 16 Palestinian regional governors to “retire.” He then appointed a presidential committee to recommend replacements for the newly vacated positions. For more, click here.

El Al’s revenues and profits are way higher than in previous quarters. For more, click here.

A diaspora community of approximately 12,000 Israelis is living in Cyprus. There are 6 Chabad houses on the island, kindergartens, a school, synagogues and kosher food. To read more about this community just a 40 minute flight from Israel, click here.