Israel news summary

Israel News for 6-24-2022

News Update
The Knesset has not been able to pass a bill to dissolve itself and call for new elections, because there is disagreement as to when to hold elections. The current government wants elections as soon as possible, while the opposition wants to postpone the date in the hopes of forming a new government and avoiding elections. The coalition is also working on advancing a bill that would prohibit a person facing charges for crimes punishable by more than three years in prison from serving as prime minister, which is aimed at former Prime Minister Netanyahu.

IDF troops arrested 17 terror suspects in multiple raids in Palestinian areas early Monday morning.

Regarding a nuclear deal with Iran, Defense Minister Gantz said, “With the expected or possible resumption of the nuclear talks, we will continue to work together with the United States and other countries in order to make our position clear and influence the crafting of the deal – if there is one.”

The cabinet approved issuing 3,500 additional permits for Palestinian workers in Israel’s manufacturing and services sectors, increasing the total number to 12,000. Most of the 100,000 legal Palestinian workers are employed in the construction industry. Economy Minister Orna Barbivai said in a statement that in addition to the extra work permits for Palestinians, the ministry plans to work to increase manufacturing productivity through automation and digitalization.

The Knesset’s Labor and Welfare committee approved new reforms to ease process of abortions pushed by Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz in the last year. The reforms are to take effect in three months and includes changes in early pregnancy abortions and an exclusion from mandatory appearance in a pregnancy termination board for women. More changes include rephrasing sensitive questions in forms filled by women before a termination board, as well as an option to fill them out online.