Israel news summary

Israel News for 6-2-2023

News Update

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said on Thursday, “In light of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s report stating that Iran possesses a sufficient amount of enriched uranium for two nuclear bombs, the threats facing the State of Israel are growing and intensifying and we may be required to fulfill our duty in order to protect the integrity of Israel.” According to the report, the amount of enriched uranium in Iran is now 23 times higher than the permitted amount in the 2015 nuclear agreement. Iran continues to enrich uranium beyond the allowed level in the nuclear agreement.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry rebuked the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for closing its investigation of an Iranian site, Marivan, where remnants of uranium had been detected. Iran reported that another investigation into uranium remnants in the underground Fordow nuclear site in the center of the country was also closed. The uranium found in Fordow last February was enriched to a level of 83.7%, just short of the 90% military-grade enrichment needed to develop nuclear weapons. For more, click here.

Foreign Minister Eli Cohen met with Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó in Budapest Wednesday and discussed Hungary’s plans to move its embassy to Jerusalem. They also discussed the Iranian threat, the war in Ukraine, and cooperation between Israel and European nations in areas of regional security, energy, trade, and tourism. Cohen’s visit to Hungary was part of a visit to Croatia, Slovakia, Austria, and Hungary.

Thousands marched in the Jerusalem Pride Parade today. Over 2,000 police and security personnel were deployed to ensure the safety of the event. National Security Minister Ben Gvir, responsible for the security, appeared at the event. For more, click here.

Israel is in the midst of an extreme heatwave, with temperatures today breaking 100 Fahrenheit and reaching as a high as 106.