Israel news summary

Israel News for 5-3-2023

News Update

Israeli undercover special forces killed the 2 terrorists who murdered the 3 members of the Dee family last month. Around 200 personnel took part in the raid yesterday morning in the center of Nablus. Another terrorist was also killed in the gunfight.  Rabbi Dee, the father of the girls murdered, said, “The world will be able to sleep better when these terrorists are no longer alive. I am very happy to hear that no soldier or civilian was hurt or affected in the event. It is a mission that only the IDF and the Shin Bet can do. We are proud to live in a country where security forces are so precise and skilled, and we are very grateful to the army and forces for assassinating the terrorists.”

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) published the initial investigation report of the Iron Dome system’s recent activity, which found that there was a technical problem with the system on the day it failed to intercept 2 rockets that landed in Sderot, wounded 3 Chinese workers and causing material damage. The report found that the problem was immediately addressed and did not reoccur when dozens of additional rockets were fired from Gaza.

A new poll conducted by Panels Politics for Maariv’s weekend paper shows that the National Unity party led by former Defense Minister Benny Gantz would win 31 seats if elections were held today, with Likud coming in second with 25 seats, and Yesh Atid with 17 seats.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has unveiled the BlueWhale Large Autonomous Underwater Vehicle. The unmanned submarine has already successfully undergone thousands of autonomous operation hours, including intelligence-gathering for both maritime and coastal targets, acoustic intelligence, and identifying the presence of naval mines. The autonomous submarine can perform a significant portion of the operations of a manned submarine, for periods of several weeks, at minimal cost and maintenance, without the need for operators on board. For more, click here.