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Israel News for 1-24-18

Terror Attempt
Two 15 year old Arab males from Nablus carrying knives were heading towards the bus stop at the Tapuach junction in Samaria. They were spotted by a Border Policeman who alerted soldiers. The soldiers ordered the youths to stop. When they ignored the order, a Border Policeman fired a warning shot into the air. That caused one of the terrorists to draw his knife and approach the soldiers. The soldiers responded by shooting both terrorists in the legs and then arresting them. The terrorists were given medical attention at the scene.

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Pence in Israel
During his Israel trip US VP Mike Pence addressed the Knesset, visited Yad Vashem and prayed at the Western Wall. After his Kotel visit Pence tweeted, “A privilege to pray at the Western Wall. This is our 4th trip to the Holy Land, but Karen & I never fail to leave without a sense our faith has been renewed – our faith in God, but also our faith in the people of Israel & their commitment to freedom, security & peace.”

Regardless of your politics, we must recognize the genuine and heartfelt love and support Pence feels for the Jewish People and for Israel, which he expressed in his Knesset address as well as in all of his statements and actions. It’s a blessing to have the leaders of the most powerful and influential nation in the world expressing their wholehearted support for Israel, and something we should feel thankful for (for a change).

American Support
According to the latest national survey by the Pew Research Center, 79% of Republicans say they sympathize more with Israel than the Palestinians, compared with just 27% of Democrats. Since 2001, the share of Republicans sympathizing more with Israel than the Palestinians has increased 29 percentage points, from 50% to 79%. Over the same period, the share of Democrats saying this has declined 11 points, from 38% to 27%. Nearly three times as many Republicans (52%) as Democrats (18%) have favorable impressions of PM Netanyahu. Almost half of all Democrats say Trump favors Israel too much, while just 21% say he is striking the right balance.

The survey found that white evangelical Protestants continue to overwhelmingly sympathize with Israel: 78% say this, while just 5% sympathize more with the Palestinians. Religiously unaffiliated people are divided: 29% sympathize more with the Palestinians, 26% more with Israel and 24% say they side with both or neither.

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Interactive Settlement Map
To get a better understanding of the geography and demographics of Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) you can use this incredible interactive map that shows both Israeli and Palestinian population centers there as well as in east Jerusalem. This is an amazing resource from the Washington Institute.

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