Israel news summary

Israel News for 3-24-2023

News Update

IDF forces killed Abu Khadija, the terrorist who founded the Tulkarem Brigade, in a raid in Tulkarem Thursday morning. Abu Khadija was recently involved in numerous shooting attacks against Israeli settlements and security forces. The terrorist tried to shoot at the troops who tried to arrest him.

The Prime Minister said, in a televised address last night, that the judicial reform process would continue moving forward. He said, “Opponents are not traitors and proponents are not Fascists,” he said. “Those who support our reform, have for decades felt that the Supreme Court did not represent them or their views, and those who oppose it, fear that it would end democracy. A democratic government must address both sides of the issue. It must display the will of the majority of voters and also protect individual rights. In order to prevent a rift in our population, the concerns of each side must be heard.”

The Attorney General warned PM Netanyahu: “The legal situation is clear: you must refrain from any involvement in initiatives to change the judiciary, including the makeup of the committee for the appointment of judges, as such activity is a conflict of interest. Your statement last night and any action you take in violation of this matter is illegal and tainted by a conflict of interest [since he is currently on trial for corruption charges].”

Yesterday, the Knesset ratified a law that restricts the conditions under which an Israeli prime minister can be removed. For more, click here.

United Torah Judaism MK Moshe Gafni withdraw legislation he proposed that would outlaw missionary work in Israel. The proposed legislation drew anger from the evangelical movement in the US, which staunchly supports Israel and settlement expansion. Prime Minister Netanyahu tweeted, “We will not advance any law against the Christian community.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife are in London today. The PM will meet with British PM Rishi Sunak and then with Home Secretary Suella Braverman. The main topic of discussion will most likely be the Iranian threat. The leaders will also discuss a free trade agreement, the war in Ukraine and the Palestinian issue. The Netanyahus will stay in London on Saturday and head back home Saturday night.