Israel news summary

Israel News for 3-22-2023

News Update

Syrian state media reported that an Israeli airstrike hit the Aleppo airport early Tuesday and put it out of service. According to the state television report, four missiles hit the airfield, activating air defense systems, and large blasts rocked the area.

The U.S. State Department summoned Israeli Ambassador Michael Herzog today to protest the passage of the amendment to the Disengagement Law by the Knesset that will allow Israelis to return to evacuated settlements in northern Samaria. In response, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that Israel had no intentions of establishing new settlements in areas from which Israelis were previously banned.

Security forces are on high alert ahead of the start of Ramadan, on Thursday. For more, click here.

The Iron Dome air defense system shot down a Hamas drone flying over Gaza. The drone did not enter Israeli territory.

The man shot and wounded while driving with his wife through Huwara described the attack and how he fired at the terrorist. To read what he said, click here.