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Israel News for 2-16-18

Bombing Attempts
On Tuesday and Wednesday, there were three attempts by Palestinians to smuggle pipe bombs into the military court in Salem, in northern Samaria (West Bank). All of the attempts were thwarted by vigilant Border Police officers stationed at the entrance to the court. The soldiers and police that guard the courthouse say that attempts at smuggling pipe bombs there have become almost a common occurrence.

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Soldiers Injured
Seven soldiers were lightly injured when their vehicle drove over a landmine in the Jordan Valley Wednesday. A preliminary investigation revealed that the soldiers, from a military engineering unit, were engaging in work related to fixing the fence around a minefield near the Christian pilgrimage site Qasr al-Yahud north of the Dead Sea. During their work, their vehicle drove over an old M15 anti-tank mine that had apparently shifted and got covered in sand due to strong winds.

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Temple Mount Visit
Oman’s foreign minister Yusuf bin Alawi made a rare visit by an Arab official to Jerusalem’s Temple Mount on Thursday after holding talks with Palestinian leaders in the West Bank. Such a visit would usually require coordination with Israeli officials but an Israeli foreign ministry spokesman said he was unaware of the visit and could not immediately comment.

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No Polish Surprise
Poland has decided to reexamine a draft bill on restitution for Holocaust survivors whose property was confiscated during World War Two. The bill was put up for inspection by the country’s Justice Ministry, and may be shelved altogether.

Jewish sources within the country said they presumed the law’s return to the Justice Ministry was caused by a rising wave of anti-Semitism in the European country, which raised concerns in the upper echelons of government that speaking about returning lost property to Jews will not be taken well by the public.

The World Jewish Restitution Organization (WJRO) voiced deep concern by the decision and called on the Polish government to move forward quickly with improved legislation to address property confiscations.

Israel, the US and other European countries have lodged official protests with the Polish government.


Is anyone really surprised that Poland, with virulent anti-semitism coursing through its veins and the blood of millions of Jews soaking its cursed earth and screaming for justice against the tens of thousands of Poles who participated in their murder, is trying to deny its crimes and keep the loot it plundered from its Jewish victims?

The bill itself is constructed in such a way that even if it did actually become law (which it won’t), it would be almost impossible for any survivors to get restitution. The fact that we even entertain the thought that Poland might actually have shed its anti semitism is our own foolishness.

The first step to repentance is admission of guilt. Until Poland does that, nothing will ever change. The fact that there were a very small number of Poles that helped Jews does not change this. Israel, and the US, should punish Poland for its crimes and it’s refusal to make amends.

As the child of survivors from Poland, I know the truth first hand. So if you feel the need to send me angry emails about how wrong I am, please just hit the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email instead (thanks in advance).