Israel news summary

Israel News for 12-7-2022

News Update

Security forces arrested 8 terror suspects in overnight raids in the West Bank. Palestinians fired at IDF troops during an arrest operation in Nablus. No soldiers were hurt.

Likud and United Torah Judaism are still in the process of negotiating a coalition agreement, but they have signed an agreement regarding UTJ ministerial appointments. UTJ chairman Yitzhak Goldknopf will be Minister of Construction and Housing, including the Israel Land Authority. Moshe Gafni will be appointed chairman of the Knesset Finance Committee. MK Uri Maklev will be a deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Transportation. Meir Porush will be Minister of Jerusalem and Heritage. Yaakov Asher will chair the Internal Affairs and Environment Committee. Yisrael Eichler will chair the Labor and Welfare Committee and Yaakov Tesler will be appointed deputy minister in the Ministry of Welfare or another ministry to be agreed upon with the Prime Minister.

Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel Al-Jubeir told members of the American Jewish Committee that, “The direction of Saudi-Israeli relations is normalization, but it will take more time and we must not put the cart before the horse.” He also said, “Israel and other Gulf states have been gradually normalizing for years. The process must be allowed to mature.”

The Be’er Sheva Magistrate’s Court sentenced a Bedouin man living in southern Israel to 12 months in prison after he was convicted of polygamy. Polygamy is wide-spread in Israel’s Bedouin community and is permitted under Islamic law. The sentence marks an escalation in punishment for polygamy charges. For more, click here.