Israel news summary

Israel News for 12-5-2022

News Update

A gun battle broke out between security forces and terrorists in the Dheisheh refugee camp south of Bethlehem this morning, during an IDF operation to arrest wanted terrorists in the area. According to Palestinian reports, 1 terrorist was killed and 6 wounded. Three terrorists were arrested.

Israeli forces also exchanged fire with terrorists in Jenin during an arrest operation there. IDF forces arrested one terrorist, the son of a Islamic Jihad commander who was arrested in August. Security forces also conducted operations in several other West Bank towns and villages.

Terrorists fired a rocket into Israel from Gaza on Saturday night, which landed in an open field. In response, IDF jets attacked a Hamas rocket production facility and a terrorist tunnel. Hamas fired 2 anti aircraft missiles at the fighter jets, after which Israel attacked a Hamas military outpost.

Qatar has reportedly been pressuring Gaza terrorist groups to hold off any actions that could escalate security tensions with Israel until after the FIFA World Cup, hosted in Qatar. Qatar is a major sponsor of Hamas.

The United Torah Judaism (UTJ) party signed a coalition agreement with the Likud this morning. Shas is now the only remaining coalition partner not to have signed an agreement to form a new government.

President Isaac Herzog arrived in Bahrain on Sunday on a state visit. During his visit, Herzog held meetings with King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and other dignitaries, and paid a visit to Bahrain’s Jewish community and the country’s Economic Development Authority. He then flew to the UAE today, where he will meet with the king.

US Secretary of State Blinken said that the Biden administration would “gauge the [Israeli] government by the policies and procedures, rather than individual personalities.” Blinked indicated that the US would oppose settlement expansion and annexation of the West Bank. For more, click here.

A car thief took a wrong turn and ended up breaking through a checkpoint at Ben Gurion International Airport yesterday. The breach set off a security alert throughout the airport and passengers at the airport’s departure Terminal 3 were instructed to lay on the ground for fear of a terrorist attack. Airport security eventually caught the Palestinian driver and passenger, who were from the West Bank and were in Israel illegally.