Israel news summary

Israel News for 11-23-2022

News Update

At around 7:05am today, a bomb exploded at a busy bus stop at the entrance to Jerusalem. A 16 year old yeshiva student was killed and over 20 other Israelis were injured. Some of the injuries were critical or serious. A half hour later, another bomb exploded at a bus stop in Ramot, in the northern part of Jerusalem. Three people were injured from shrapnel. Both bombs were detonated remotely using mobile phones. The attacks appeared to be planned and carried out by an organized terror cell. The bombs contained metal nails and other sharp objects, calculated to cause maximum casualties.

Massive numbers of police and security forces fanned out throughout Jerusalem to search for additional bombs at bus and light rail stops and to provide security at crowded locations. Security forces are hunting for the terror cell to prevent more attacks. Police said that they had received intelligence relating to a potential terror attack in Jerusalem, but had not received any information regarding details. Last night an explosive device was discovered on the light rail track near Jerusalem’s central bus station. It could have been intended to be part of today’s attack.

This is a developing story.

The boy murdered in today’s terror attack was 16 year old Aryeh Shchupak, who lived in Jerusalem’s Har Nof neighborhood and who also held Canadian citizenship. He was waiting at the stop for his transportation to his yeshiva high school in the nearby town of Beit Meir. His schoolmate was also injured in the attack and is listed in moderate-serious condition. Aryeh will be laid to rest today.

Tiran Fero, an 18 year old Druze Israeli was abducted by armed terrorists from a Jenin hospital, where he was brought from treatment after getting into a car accident in the West Bank. The terrorists apparently thought he was an IDF soldier. They disconnected him from the life saving equipment while he was still alive. He subsequently died. His parents and family are pleading with the terrorists to return his body.

Iran is blaming Israel for the killing of Revolutionary Guard member Colonel Davoud Jafari. He was killed by an explosive device that hit his vehicle on a road in the Damascus area. Iran is vowing revenge.