idf soldier killed arad

Israel News for 12-1-17

Terror Stabbing
A soldier waiting for a bus outside a mall in the southern city of Arad was stabbed to death last night, in what police are calling a nationalistically motivated terror attack. An eye witness recounted the incident, saying “Someone came up to the soldier from behind and stabbed him. I saw him lying down (on the ground). My friend called me over when it happened, he tried to stop the bleeding with a towel.”

The soldier killed was 19-year-old Ron Yitzhak Kukia from Tel Aviv, who served in the Nahal infantry brigade. He will be laid to rest on Sunday at 12pm at Kiryat Shaul Cemetery. Kukia was posthumously promoted from the rank of corporal to sergeant.

More than 250 policemen and soldiers were deployed across Arad this morning, searching for the terror suspects.

Residents of Arad left flowers and lit candles at the site of Kukia’s murder.

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Police Investigating
Yesterday we told you about the group of children that was attacked by Palestinians and that the two adults escorting the group, one of whom was a father of one of the boys, opened fire at the Palestinians, killing one man.

Today the escorts are being questioned by police who are investigating whether the shooting was justified or not.

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Inspiration from Samaria
Here’s an inspiring music video of the women’s choir of Samaria, Hallel, singing Modeh Ani, a song of thanksgiving for all the things we’re blessed with. The video includes stunning scenes of the Samarian landscape.

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