Israel news summary

Israel News for 11-3-2021

News Update

Syria’s military said that Israel carried out an air raid early today that hit a military post in the town of Zakia, on the outskirts of Damascus, causing material damage.

The IDF has begun deploying surveillance blimps along Israel’s northern border area. The Defense Ministry said the “Tel Shamayam” (Hebrew for Sky Dew) will assist security forces with the detection and tracking of both aerial and ground threats in the region. To read more, click here.

Thousands of Likud and Religious Zionist party supporters rallied in Tel Aviv yesterday to protest the government and call for the reinstallation of former PM Netanyahu’s government.

The IDF discovered an old Syrian army bunker, filled with ammunition, from the Yom Kippur War during a mine clearing operation in the western part of the Golan.

The government approved 3 new Bedouin towns in the Negev.

The Health Ministry reported 663 new Covid cases on Tuesday, resulting in a .86% infection rate. Out of 7,447 active patients, 201 are in serious condition, with 120 connected to ventilators. The death toll since the start of the pandemic is 8,106.

To read about how the Dead Sea is disappearing and leaving a landscape covered with craters and sink holes, click here.