Israel News for 12-19-17

US Veto
As expected, the US vetoed a draft resolution in the UN Security Council written by Egypt that called on the US to reverse its decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The other 14 countries on the council voted in favor of the resolution.

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said, “The United States has a sovereign right to determine where and whether we establish an embassy. I suspect very few member states would welcome Security Council pronouncements about their sovereign decisions.” She added, “What we witnessed here in the Security Council is an insult. It won’t be forgotten.”

PM Netanyahu responded to the US veto tweeting, “Thank you, Ambassador Haley. On Hanukkah, you spoke like a Maccabi. You lit a candle of truth. You dispel the darkness. One defeated the many. Truth defeated lies. Thank you, President Trump. Thank you, @nikkihaley.”

The Palestinians have said that they will call for an emergency meeting of the UN General Assembly, where anti Israel (and anti US) resolutions are almost certain to pass with ease.

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Attempted Murder
The Military Advocate General filed an indictment Monday against Muhammad Wadi for attempted murder in the attack against a group of children on a hike near the Palestinian village of Qusra in the northern West Bank two weeks ago. According to the indictment, during the incident, Wadi entered the cave where the children were hiding from a pursuing Palestinian mob and hurled large stones at them at close range. Some of the stones hit their chaperone, injuring him in the head.

One of the chaperones, who was also the father of one of the hikers, shot at the attackers and killed one of them. He was questioned by police for the shooting but subsequently released.

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Palestinian Arrested
On Friday a video was taken of a Palestinian teenage girl and others harassing, pushing and hitting IDF soldiers on patrol in the village of Rabi Salih. The soldiers did not react to the harassment. Last night the girl was arrested by the Shin Bet and taken in for questioning.

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Tuesday morning that the girl, Ahed Tamimi, will not be the only one to bear the consequences of her actions, “her parents and her surroundings won’t get away from what they deserve.”

Lieberman added that Israel “would not allow any harm to soldiers and officers. We’ll do what needs to be done. I will deal with this matter together with the Military Advocate General and the Chief of Staff. The most important thing is that those who carried out an offense during the day were arrested during the night.”

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IDF Video
The IDF has launched a new video series called inside the IDF. A new video is published each month with a roundup of the events of that month. To watch the latest episode click here.

Cannabis Fever
According to the Israeli Ministry of Health, around 400 farmers in Israel have applied for licenses to grow cannabis since the government loosened restrictions on medical marijuana last year. The ministry has also received 250 applications from nurseries wishing to distribute marijuana plants, 95 from pharmacies looking to sell cannabis products, and 60 from entrepreneurs interested in opening marijuana processing facilities. Regulators are reviewing the requests and have already provided preliminary approval to a majority of applicants. Doctors will be able to begin prescribing medical marijuana to patients in next six months.

A law to allow exports of medical marijuana is making its way through the Knesset after receiving support from top ministers, who estimated in August that sales could generate $1.1 billion for the Israeli economy. The bill is on track to be passed some time next year.

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