Israel news summary

Israel News for 1-17-2022

News Update

Israel has reportedly signed a deal to supply Lebanon with natural gas via Egypt, Jordan and Syria. The pipeline will take several years to construct. The deal was supervised by the United States and Russia, in an effort to provide Lebanon with an alternate solution to its energy crisis that does not come from Iran. Lebanon’s Energy Ministry has issued an official statement denying the existence of a deal. Acknowledging the deal would mean recognition of Israel, which Lebanon will not officially do. To read more, click here.

According to new polls, the majority of Israelis oppose a plea deal for former Prime Minister Netanyahu, and want him to go to trail and receive a verdict.

The Jerusalem Municipality ordered the demolition of a mosque in the Palestinian neighborhood Beit Safafa in east Jerusalem. The Al-Rahman Mosque – built before Israel’s founding in 1948 – reportedly drew criticism from several Israeli NGOs due to its striking similarity to the Dome of the Rock. According to court documents, the municipality approved the demolition based on a floor of the building that was built without a permit and that 700 square meters of the compound were built without a permit or the approval of certified engineers

Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz on Sunday instructed senior officials in his ministry to reduce the number of days required for quarantine for people infected by COVID or those who had come into close contact with a confirmed patient to 5 days.

Next month, international indices company MSCI will publish its decision on whether to include Israel in its leading European stock indices. The decision will be made after a survey among leading asset managers and other interested parties in the global market. If included, the Israeli capital market could receive billions of dollars of new investment flow.