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Israel News for January 26, 2017

IDF Operation
An IDF paratrooper was seriously injured last night after an explosive device was hurled at security forces conducting operations in the Jenin Refugee Camp to arrest two wanted Hamas activists. The soldier is being treated Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, where his condition is improving.

In a separate overnight operation, security forces conducted a sweep in which nine wanted Palestinian suspects were arrested in the West Bank and a workshop containing 8 weapons-producing machines was raided in Hebron.

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Lebanese Spies
Lebanese security forces announced yesterday that they uncovered a five member spy cell that was working for Israel. Reports say two of the cell members were born in Lebanon, two are from Nepal and one is a Palestinian refugee. The five admitted to transferring information during phone calls with people affiliated with the Israeli embassies in Turkey, Jordan, Britain and Nepal. The five suspects are set to be arraigned as authorities attempt to make further arrests in the case.

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New Construction
On Tuesday PM Netanyahu and DM Lieberman announced their approval of permits to build 2,500 housing units in Judea and Samaria (West Bank). Almost all of the units will be inside major settlement blocs including 902 in Ariel, 652 in Givat Ze’ev (just outside Jerusalem), 154 in Oranit, 112 in Ma’aleh Adumim, 78 in Alfei Menashe, 21 in Efrat, 18 in Elkana, 87 in Betar Illit and 4 in Gush Etzion. An additional 385 units are earmarked for settlements in the Shomron regional council and 86 units for the Binyamin regional council.

The announcement came two days after the Jerusalem Municipality granted permits for 560 new units in Ramot, Pisgat Ze’ev and Ramat Shlomo, all neighborhoods in east Jerusalem (beyond the Green Line).

The US had no reaction to the announcements, The UN discussed the matter but took no action in the Security Council. Germany and France both condemned the new construction. The EU also condemned the new construction saying that it, “further seriously undermine the prospects for a viable two-state solution. It is regrettable that Israel is proceeding with this policy, despite the continuous serious international concern and objections, which have been constantly raised at all levels. Continued settlement expansion, illegal under international law as reaffirmed by UN Security Council Resolution 2334, goes directly against long-standing EU policy and the recommendations of the Quartet Report. A negotiated two-state solution is the only way to fulfill the legitimate aspirations of both parties and to achieve enduring peace.”

Meanwhile, Lieberman said that, in parallel to these moves, he will present plans for security cabinet approval to establish a Palestinian industrial zone near Tarkumiya, south of Hebron, which will be one of the largest industrial areas in the territories.

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Missile System
Israel and the US have successfully completed tests of the David’s Sling missile defense system, which is designed to stop long-range rockets, drones and cruise missiles. The system is intended to supplement the Iron Dome system, which targets short-range rockets, and the Arrow system for long-range ballistic missiles.

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Syrian Refugees
Interior Minister Arye Deri recently approved a humanitarian plan under which Israel will absorb around 100 child refugees from Syria. To read more about the details of the plan, click here.

Jerusalem Biography
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