Israel News for 9-14-17 [VIDEO]

It’s another slow news day but we didn’t want to just skip today’s email, so we did some searching and found a few current video that we think you’ll find informative and enjoyable to watch.

No More Refugees
Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely was recently in Washington where she met with State Department officials, Senator Ted Cruz and other US officials. One of the issues she discussed was US funding of the UN refugee relief organizations, which are perpetuating the Palestinian “refugee” status instead of working to alleviate it. She was interviewed on Fox News about that and other issues.

PM in Colombia
As part of his 11 day Latin America trip PM Netanyahu met with Colombian President Santos. Watch this video to see what the PM had to say.

Arab Armies
This video analyzes the reasons why Arab armies perform so poorly in combat and lose wars. Interesting. Good news for Israel.