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Israel News for December 4, 2015

Terror Attacks
Just breaking: An Israeli was wounded in a stabbing attack in the West Bank village of Kfar Abboud, near the settlement of Halamish.

Yesterday a soldier was stabbed and lightly wounded in Hebron. The two Palestinian terrorists were killed by security forces.

Earlier yesterday afternoon, a Palestinian attacked and tried to stab a policeman who was sitting in his patrol car near Haneviim Street in Jerusalem. The policeman fought the attacker until other police officers on the scene shot the terrorist. The policeman was evidently wounded from the gunfire.

According to Palestinian sources, the terrorist who was shot and killed by soldiers in a terror attack earlier on Thursday was an intelligence officer in the Palestinian Authority. Palestinian Authority and Palestinian security forces have yet to respond to the report.

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Top Cop
Roni Alsheikh, former Shin Bet Director, was sworn in as Commissioner of the Israel Police yesterday by PM Netanyahu and Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan.

Alsheikh was supposed to be sworn in over two weeks ago, but the ceremony was delayed because he fell in his home, broke his leg, and was hospitalized. He joked about it at the ceremony, saying that God caused his left leg to break to allow him to start his new office on the “right” foot.

After the ceremony the PM said, “I’m convinced that there are problems and deficiencies in the police. A healthy body isn’t one that’s totally devoid of disease but one that can be healed, and I’m convinced that Roni will know how to do that.”

Alsheikh’s appointment follows a slew of investigations into the sexual misconduct of high ranking police officers and general criticism of police operations and performance. Let’s hope he can restore to the police the trust and respect it deserves.

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EU Sanctions
The Israeli Foreign Ministry is recommending to the PM and the Defense Ministry that six EU countries be singled out for “special treatment” based on their leading roles in the EU labeling regulations that discriminate against Israeli products made in the West Bank and the Golan.

The countries — Sweden, Belgium, Ireland, France, Luxembourg and Malta — are all involved in projects and programs in the West Bank and Gaza. In order to do that they require Israeli cooperation. The Foreign Ministry is threatening to make it hard for these countries to carry out their work in the West Bank and Gaza.

In the words of a senior Israeli diplomat, “The aim is to make it clear to the countries pushing the subject of labeling goods that such conduct has a price in the Palestinian sphere. The decision to suspend diplomatic dialogue with the EU is only the beginning. Israel has shown much good will over the years regarding various initiatives by Europe in the Palestinian sphere but it is no longer logical to continue this approach if Europe is becoming more extreme and taking measures like marking goods and encouraging a boycott.”

France is being particularly single out because of its leadership role in the EU regulations and in moving against Israel in the UN Security Council. France also has the largest number of projects in the West Bank and Gaza.

Question: By impeding these European projects meant to assist the Palestinians and rebuild Gaza, will Israel just end up indirectly harming the Palestinian populace and stoking the flames of hatred against her, or is the Palestinian hatred there regardless of what Israel does or doesn’t do?

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Trump Speaks
Donald Trump addressed members of the Republican Jewish Coalition yesterday. He told the major Jewish donors, “You’re not going to support me even though you know I’m the best thing that could happen to Israel. I know why you’re not going to support me – because I don’t want your money. You want to control your own politician.”

Trump also said that he doesn’t know if Israel is seriously committed to peace, but would find out within six months of taking office. To top it off he refused to say whether Jerusalem should be the undivided capital of Israel.

Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz and Gov. Mike Huckabee all blasted Trump for his statements and pledge their full support for Israel.

Sheldon Adelson, the biggest Republican donor and staunch supporter of Israel, hasn’t yet decided which candidate he will support. His political adviser said, “The Adelsons are generally pleased with all of the Republican candidates and feel that the primary process will work its way out.”

When you’re self funding your campaign, you apparently can say anything you want.

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Fun Fact
According to reporters who attended the Republican Jewish Coalition’s candidates forum, Ben Carson repeatedly pronounced Hamas as hummus. He’ll figure things out eventually.

Russian Campaign
Israel is launching a marketing campaign to attract Russian tourists who had been going to Turkey and Egypt before Russia halted flights to Egypt after the bombing of a Russian plane and imposed sanctions against Turkey after the Turks shot down a Russian fighter jet.

Israel’s tourism minister, Yariv Levin, said that Israel is offering two types of trips to Russians – a Sinai-like “sea and sun” vacation in the Red Sea resort town of Eilat, and packages that include stops in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and at the Dead Sea.

He said the Israeli campaign includes traditional advertising, partnerships with Russian tour operators and bringing Russian celebrities to Israel to “spread the word.” He added that the campaign would focus on Israel’s mild weather, its religious and historical sites as well as beaches and nightlife, and the large number of Russian-speaking immigrants from the former Soviet Union. “Russian tourists in Israel really feel at home and can ask and receive information in Russian without any problem.”
Ilanit Melchior, tourism director at the Jerusalem Development Authority, said an estimated 450,000 Russian tourists visit Israel each year, and she hopes the campaign could grow that figure by 10 percent.

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More Cars
If you’re sick of sitting in traffic on Israel’s main highways, you’re not going to like this. Between January and November 2015, 244,955 new cars were delivered, up 6% from the corresponding period of 2014, and already a new annual record.

Industry sources believe that January 2016 will be a record breaking month with more than 30,000 new cars sold including more than 4,000 luxury off-road vehicles and sports cars.
What were the most popular cars in 2015? Kia took first place with 32,466, Hyundai second with 29,822, Toyota third with 28,801, Mazda fourth with 16,745 and Skoda fifth with 15,811.
No American cars? Hmm.

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