Israel news summary

Israel News for 8-6-2021

News Update

A barrage of at least 10 rockets were fired from Lebanon into northern Israel today. The Iron Dome missile defense system knocked most of the rockets out of the sky while several landed in open areas. No damage or casualties were reported. The IDF responded with artillery fire at the sources of the rocket launches.

Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the attack and claimed that they were responded to IDF airstrikes. On Wednesday 2 rockets fired from Lebanon hit open areas near Kiryat Shemona. The IDF launched artillery strikes in response. Early on Thursday, the IDF launched airstrikes at “the launch sites and infrastructure used for terror in Lebanon.”

Following a meeting between PM Bennett, Defense Minister Gantz, IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi and other security officials, an IDF spokesman said that Hezbollah had deliberately fired the rockets at open areas and not populated cities like Kiryat Shmona. He said, “This is the terror group’s attempt to show that it controls the region in southern Lebanon after a rogue Palestinian faction fired rockets at Israel on Wednesday.” He added, “We have no interest in intensifying the conflict or in starting a war, but we will not let the border area become an active front line.”

The Iranian Foreign Ministry warned Israel not to take military action against it, in retaliation for the Iranian attack against an Israeli managed ship in the Arabian Sea last week. The warning came in response to threats by Defense Minister Gantz on Thursday.

The Palestinian Authority is facing a major economic crisis. It has accumulated a staggering amount of debt, and will probably be unable to pay the salaries of government employees and civil servants. Israel and the international community is trying to figure out ways to help.  To read more, click here.

Public Security Minister Omer Bar-Lev said that Israel will send a delegation of 15 firefighters and rescuers to Greece to help put out the huge fires that are ravaging that country.

The Health Ministry reported 3,843 new covid cases on Thursday, following another over 3,000 case day on Wednesday. The infection rate is at 3.7%. Almost 350,000 Israelis over 60 have already received a third vaccine dose since it became available on Sunday.

PM Bennett said that the prospect of a lockdown during the Jewish High Holidays next month is dependent on the number of people who get vaccinated. He said, “Every one of you has to go out and get vaccinated because if not, you endanger yourself, you are really endangering the environment, as if you are walking around with a machine gun and shooting Delta viruses at everyone. This is a selfish and irresponsible decision, none of you want to kill other people by mistake.” He added, “The Delta is different from the original coronavirus pandemic, It’s a different pandemic. It is completely different from the original epidemic, so there is a real need for two main basic rules — to get vaccinated and wear masks.”