Israel news summary

Israel News for 8-23-2023

News Update

Security forces yesterday arrested 2 terrorists suspected of murdering Batsheva Nigri and wounding Aryeh Gottleib in a shooting attack near Hebron earlier this week. The Security Cabinet met yesterday and decided to intensify targeted killings of terrorist leaders.

Settlement leaders presented an expansion plan to Prime Minister Netanyahu today that includes building new cities, hospitals, train lines to central Israel and an airport. For more, click here. 

New York City Mayor Eric Adams arrived for a three-day visit to Israel on Monday at the invitation of the Jewish Federation of New York. For more, click here.

The Canadian Embassy in Israel on Tuesday tweeted a statement condemning the recent terror attacks against Israelis saying, “Canada is concerned by the increasing number of terrorist attacks committed against civilians in Israel and the West Bank in recent weeks. We condemn these horrific acts and extend our condolences to the victims and their loved ones.”

Lebanon’s Ministry of National Defense announced Tuesday that it had discovered and confiscated various Israeli products in various stores and warehouses throughout the country. They are investigating how the goods got into the country.

An official Ministry of Transport document headed “The Traffic Jams Are Coming!” warns of a worsening of the overcrowding on Israel’s roads and damage to the reliability of public transport starting next month, when children return to school. For more, click here.