Israel news summary

Israel News for 8-10-2022

News Update

On Tuesday, a joint force of IDF, Shin Bet and Border Police commandoes killed terror suspect Ibrahim al-Nablusi in a three hour gunfight after they surrounded three buildings he was hiding out in, in Nablus. Troops ended up firing shoulder fired missiles that destroyed the building with al-Nablusi still in it. A second terrorist was also killed with him. Both terrorists were leaders. During the fight, dozens of other Palestinians began attacking the troops with rocks and explosives. Troops responded to the attack and Palestinians sources claim that 2 attackers were killed and 40 or more wounded.  A dog belonging to the police antiterror force was killed in the gunfight. To watch video of the operation, click here.

The Russian foreign ministry condemned Israeli aggression against Gaza over the weekend. The Russian Embassy in Egypt published a Tweet condemning Prime Minister Lapid for Israel’s operation saying, “Compare Yair Lapid’s lie about Ukraine in April and attempts to place blame and responsibility on Russia for the deaths of people in Bucha who were brutally murdered by the (Ukrainian) Nazis with his calls in August for bombing and land strikes in Gaza. Isn’t that double standards and complete disregard and contempt for the lives of Palestinians?”

President Herzog spoke with Russian President Putin by phone on Tuesday regarding Russia’s move to close the Jewish Agency offices there. According to Herzog’s office, during the call Herzog “elaborated on the activities of the Jewish Agency in Russia,” while the two also discussed bi-literal relations. “The phone call was frank and honest. The two leaders emphasized the important areas of cooperation between Israel and Russia and agreed to remain in contact.” The statement added that Putin “underscored his personal commitment to Holocaust commemoration and the fight against antisemitism.”

The Likud party has unanimously chosen Benjamin Netanyahu to continue in his role as party leader. He was unchallenged. Likud is holding primaries today.

The Israel Airports Authority (IAA) has announced that special flights will be launched during the summer for Palestinians living in Judea, Samaria and the Palestinian Authority. The flights will be operated by the small Turkish airline Atlas between Ramon and Anatolia in Turkey. The flights will begin later this month and continue through September and October with Istanbul added as a destination. The option for Palestinians to fly from Ramon is a major breakthrough. Until now, Palestinians wanting to fly abroad have needed to cross via the Allenby Bridge to Jordan and then travel to Amman airport. Now they can travel from Israel, although it is not yet clear how they will travel to and from Ramon airport. For more, click here.