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Israel News for 7-20-17

Temple Mount Turmoil
The White House released a statement regarding the recent turmoil relating to the Temple Mount saying, “The United States is very concerned about tensions surrounding the Temple Mount/Haram Al-Sharif, a site holy to Jews, Muslims, and Christians, and calls upon the State of Israel and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to make a good faith effort to reduce tensions and to find a solution that assures public safety and the security of the site and maintains the status quo. The United States will continue to closely monitor the developments.”

The turmoil began when Arab terrorists shot and killed two Israeli policemen and injured a third on the mount last Friday. Israel closed the Temple Mount and then reopened it on Monday morning after installing metal detectors at the entrances. The Muslim authorities at the Temple Mount (waqf) along with the entire Arab world condemned the security measure and called for Muslim worshipers to protest by praying outside of the entrances.

The Waqf is organizing major protests at the site for Friday (tomorrow) calling on Arabs from throughout the country to join in. The Waqf has also ordered all mosques in Jerusalem to close on Friday in order to compel Muslims from throughout Jerusalem to join in the protests.

According to various officials, Israel is considered alternate security measures as a replacement for the metal detectors, which would include selective security checks upon entrance to the compound according to criteria such as age groups and gender.

Israel is also said to be willing to remove the metal detectors entirely on condition that cameras are installed inside the compound—a measure that was supposed to be implemented months ago following an agreement between Israel and Jordan but which was ultimately thrown out by the Waqf.

Another option being considered is to have international forces operate the metal detectors.

Of course, everyone seeking to enter the Western Wall compound needs to pass through a metal detector, but that’s to protect them from Arab terrorists. The Arabs on the mount apparently don’t have to worry about terrorists killing them.

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IDF Syria Aid
The IDF has publicized the scope of the aid that it has this far provided to victims of the civil war in Syria. The aid includes about half a million liters of diesel fuel, 360 tons of food, 77 tons of clothing and shoes and dozens of generators and water delivery systems.

The humanitarian aid is provided to some 200,000 Syrian citizens living in 80 villages and towns in the Syrian Golan Heights and controlled by rebel groups not affiliated with ISIS. The aid is stored in a logistics center on the Israeli side of the border and then transferred to the Syrian side, where it is picked up by the Syrians. Israel skips going through international organizations or the UN to make sure all the aid gets distributed to its intended recipients.

Golan Division Commander Brig. Gen. Yaniv Ashur said, “We are in telephone contact with people in the Syrian villages, including local doctors and village heads, but also with those involved in certain professions, such as electricity, to which we transmit generators.”

Another IDF source said, “One of the guiding principles here is maintaining continuity to create credibility on the other side. We supplied them with tons of flour, which reduced the price of bread by 50 percent, 80 percent. Once a week, a Syrian children’s bus arrives at the border for a day of medical treatment in Israel, which also includes fun activities for children and providing clothing.”

The aid project is funded mainly by foreign donations, with the IDF supplying some of the budget.

General Asher noted that international aid organizations, such as the Red Cross and Doctors without Borders, have not been involved in the project, apparently over concerns that doing so would limit their activities in Turkey and Jordan. He said, “We found civilian donors like a wealthy Syrian expatriate who lived in Chicago, who provided donations through the Haifa Port.”

Regarding medical assistance Asher said, “In total, 3,000 Syrians have been treated so far, about 70 percent of whom are men (aged 20 – 30), in addition to 1,000 children who have been hospitalized for treatment and a respite over the past year. None of them have wanted to stay in Israel thanks to the assistance we provide their villages. We (also) supply insulin to one hundred Syrian diabetics.”

In two weeks a new IDF clinic will be set up on the border. The IDF will provide the infrastructure, but the doctors and the funding will be provided by the US. This is in addition to the medical equipment transferred from Israel to the medical centers that were damaged in the Quneitra city area.

It was also announced this week that Israel is planning to establish a new field hospital along the demarcation line with Syria, which is on the Syrian side of the border fence. The new field hospital will treat some 50 people per day and will be operated by an international NGO.

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Alimony Equality
In a landmark supreme court ruling on Wednesday, justices ruled that divorced mothers of children aged six to 15 will have to share the financial burden of child support with the fathers if their salaries are equal or the woman’s is higher and children are in joint custody.

Until now, men have been required to pay child support to their ex-wives even in situations of joint custody when the mother earned more than the father. The ruling was given in response to an appeal by two divorced men whose ex-wives earned higher salaries than they did but who were still required to pay child support even though their children were in joint custody.

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Slice of America
If your looking to move to Saudi Arabia but hold on to the luxuries of an American lifestyle, this place might just be right for you. Why you’d want to move to Saudi Arabia is your business. But it’s good to know your options.

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