Israel news summary

Israel News for 5-7-2021

News Update

Yair Lapid, leader of Yesh Atid – – the second largest party in the Knesset, has received the mandate to form a new government. Lapid is trying to form a broad coalition with parties from the right, center and left.

Three terrorists opened fire at the gate of an IDF base near Jenin in the northern West Bank (Samaria). Soldiers returned fire, killing 2 terrorists and wounding the third. The terrorists used submachine guns.

Yehuda Guetta, the 19 year old Yeshiva student who was one of 3 students shot by terrorists in a drive-by shooting at a bus stop on Sunday, died of his wounds Wednesday night and was laid to rest yesterday.

Bahrain state-run media reported that Mossad chief Yossi Cohen visited Bahrain and met with the heads of national intelligence and strategic security to discuss “the most prominent security topics, regional developments and issues of common interest.”

Incendiary balloons launched from Gaza caused at least 7 fires in forests located near the border.

Violence broke out between Arabs and Israelis in Sheikh Jarrah, a neighborhood just north of the Old City in Jerusalem where dozens of Palestinians are at risk of being evicted following a long legal battle with Jews trying to acquire property in the neighborhood. The two groups threw rocks and chairs at each other, and an Israeli owned car was set on fire.

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit announced Thursday that a joint team from the police and the Justice Ministry’s Police Internal Investigations Department will investigate last week’s deadly tragedy on Mount Meron in which 45 people died.